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Yelp Reviews

Zoran N.
Huntington Beach, CA
5.0 star rating

After being in pain for more than five years and dealing with herniated discs (L4+L5), hernia, groin injury and after seeing a couple of different acupuncturists and chiropractors, I had decided to give Anna a try. Sure the reviews seemed too good to be true. Being skeptical and open minded as I am on the other hand, I had decided to give the Elements in Harmony a try. The first time I called I didn't know what to expect. Anna was her usual self, kind, down to earth and very knowledgeable, as usual. During my first appointment, I was told that after a specific period of time, I should see improvements. I was eager and delighted to try the process. After the first couple of months, my condition did improve greatly where at times I was fluctuating anywhere between 90-98% improvement. Additionally, one thing you wont get from any other acupuncturist that I know of since I've seen couple of others within the area (Anna is the best hands down, at least in my opinion), is that Anna is willing to listen, provide some positive input on life and how to go about things/life in general, which is a very rare quality. I'm very thankful people like Anna exist.


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Samantha Y.
Laguna Niguel, CA
5.0 star rating

I don't know why I waited this long to write a review for Ms. Anna and her wonderful work, but I am here now writing about the work she does and how it truly does work. I know that many are skeptic of Eastern medicine including acupuncture and herbs, but if you are reading this because you want to try something different for your ailments, you need to try acupuncture with Anna. I originally came to Anna a few years back to help me with my anxiety and depression issues. I have been on medicine, but it was not fully helping me be "happy" and get the things done in the way I needed to. Anna was my last resort because of the endless medicines and doctors I was trying. I immediately felt the Zen, if you would, when I walked into her office. She made me feel very comfortable about being there and I did a full survey about what I was going through, what I was doing to be treated, history, and my goals. Anna refers to these sheets and your goals everytime you go to her. My anxiety and depression felt better in just a few short weeks. I was ready to get started on more problems I was experiencing. Through the years Anna has helped me with my general anxiety, depression, getting my mentral periods on a regular schedule, body aches, and headaches/migraines. You don't even need a specific problem to see her, you can go to have a quiet relaxing time out of your hectic schedule, or just to get a general pick me up. The amount of sessions you need and how often depend on what you are going in for and the pricing has been very afforadable when I compared her to local acupuncture businesses. I have found my guardian angel on Earth and I would not trade seeing Anna for anyone else. She is highly recommended as an Eastern medicine guru and she becomes a true friend. Thank you, Anna, for all your hard work and making my life that much better.


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Lake Forest, CA
5.0 star rating

I have no apparent illness, pain or health issues, but I have been coming to Anna for quite a while for what she calls regular tune-ups. I call them pick-me-ups. I always ask her to: calm my brain, boost my immune system, make me feel better and help me relax. And she does that every time. I feel like a new person when I walk out of her office.

Thank you so much, Anna!


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leizl S.
Culver City, CA
5.0 star rating

anna is truly a God send to us. after our son turned one, my husband and i planned on trying for our second child. it took almost a year on our own to finally get pregnant and sadly that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. my doctor said it would be ok to start trying after my next menstrual cycle. we were able to get pregnant again.. but sadly that pregnancy, ended with a second miscarriage. my doctor told me, because of my age (39 at that time) i only had a 30% chance of having a viable pregnancy. i was devastated. i wasn't sure if i wanted to try again because i was so traumatized with the past experience with the miscarriages and the news that i only have a 30% chance of having a viable pregnancy.

my husband and i prayed and prayed for an  answer and what came to light was anna. i called anna and asked her if  she can help us. she told me to go on her website to read/watch her  videos and testimonials regarding fertility. after doing so, i felt  confident that anna could help us. i was seen once a week and each  treatment was different based on where i was on my cycle. anna was able  normalized my menstrual cycle within four weeks of seeing her.  throughout each treatment, anna provided confidence, support, and  positive energy. SHE GAVE ME HOPE. after approximately 12 treatments,  anna told us we were ready to start trying... and with the first try, we  were pregnant! i was still so very scared. i was extremely anxious at  my OB appointments as i went in for check ups and ultrasounds. anna knew  my anxiety and ALWAYS kept me positive. with each check up i had great  reports. our baby's heart rate is strong the ultrasounds looked great. i  continued to see anna weekly, not only to keep my baby and i strong,  but for my own mental sanity. anna's own spirituality and energy  continued to give me hope and strengthen my faith.

i continued to see anna every week up until my 20th week of pregnancy, then saw her every other week. i had an easy pregnancy, no nausea, no vomiting, no major discomforts. when i had mild complaints of fatigue, sciatica, gas/acid reflux, and insomnia, i would tell anna and after treatment, i'd be symptom free within less than 12 hours.

i am a forty year old woman. as i write this, i am staring at my beautiful, healthy, strong baby daughter who was born full term naturally at 40.3 weeks. i thank the Lord for my blessings and am so very thankful that anna has helped me in so many ways throughout this journey.

i cannot express enough how much heart anna puts into her work and with her clients. i am so grateful to anna for her expertise in chinese medicine along with her love and support.

anna is a very knowledgable practitioner and is exceptional at what she does. we are truly thankful for her gift of healing.


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Ivy B.
Laguna Niguel, CA
5.0 star rating

When I think about Anna, only two words come to my mind: Miracle Worker!

Whether it is physical or mental pain, Anna Dolopo knows exactly what to do! I have been to her for many sessions (after attempting many western medicine treatments that failed) and I cannot believe the results I have seen; like I said- Miracle Worker!

If you are considering trying out acupuncture, you will not be disappointed when you go to Anna!


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Jenny H.
Seattle, WA
5.0 star rating

I went to see Anna on a recommendation from my Doula. I was 40 weeks pregnant and my OB wanted to induce me if I did not go into labor within one week. Since I was hoping for an unmedicated VBAC, I knew that I pretty much had to go into labor on my own to get the outcome I was hoping for. I went to see Anna and not only did she talk to me about the goals I had for seeing her, we discussed my past birth experience and the importance of letting any negative energy go. She was so very kind and informative, and together we set the intention we hoped for, which was for me to go into labor on my own within one week. It was a tall order but Anna made me feel confidant that we could do it. I saw her three days in a row, the first appointment was for an hour and the second and third were for about 1.5 hours. On the fourth day, I went into labor! I had the unmedicated VBAC I had hoped for and can't help but feel that Anna absolutely helped to induce labor.

In addition, I loved going to her office! Her therapy dog was super calming, and when her daughters were there, they were adorable. Her treatment room was very comfortable and she played soothing music, which lulled me to sleep every time I was there. Any time there was a needle that needed adjusting, she was right there to fix it and checked in on a regular basis to make sure all was well.

My VERY highest regard, rating, and recommendation go to Anna! I am so very grateful to have found her!


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Isaiah L.
Tustin, CA
5.0 star rating

Anna has been the answer to so many of my problems! I originally found her after having my son, when he was about 10 months old. The sides of my neck (Sternocleidomastoid) and the front of my neck (thyroid area) were sore and tender in a way I have never experienced before. I went to the doctor and had my thyroid tested. I didn't have any of the "typical" thyroid problems, but she said my levels were "off" for one thing that was tested. The doctor made it seem very scary and like I had a disease. I was to wait awhile to come back and have another blood test. I was in the middle of weaning my son from breastfeeding, and thought this might be why my thyroid levels were "off" since the thyroid is what controls hormones. The doctor said there was no correlation, which I thought was strange. So in the meantime, I searched for alternative paths and found Anna. She was like a breath of fresh air. She listened to everything I said very carefully and told me that our bodies are in flux all the time, and that she thought the weaning from breastfeeding played a part in it. It's all connected. She made me feel normal and like it wasn't something she couldn't fix. During my first treatment, I literally had to open my eyes and look around because I felt like someone had their hand on my throat and was pressing it. Of course there was nobody there, but that's how powerful it was. Afterward, Anna told me it was all the energy being drawn there. The needles were strategically placed around my feet, ankles, and wrists to draw the energy up to my throat/ neck area. When I got off the table, my sore neck was virtually gone! That night, I slept more soundly than I had in longer than I could remember. I decided to buy a package and continue to go since it made me feel so good. After about 8 treatments, I had a blood test for my thyroid and everything was totally normal! I continue to go to Anna every now and then if something else comes up, like a sore back or for basically anything. I always look forward to my treatments. Anna = HOPE.


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Jqlin X.
Costa Mesa, CA
5.0 star rating

Anna is an amazingly kind professional and she fixed up my 11 year old son's knee issue and my mom's chronic pain. I highly recommend this brilliant acupuncturist. You will not be disappointed- she's the best. Anna treated my son's knee and here are the results:

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Lauren H.
Ladera Ranch, CA
5.0 star rating

I came to Anna when I was 15 weeks pregnant to help with several pregnancy related issues (fatigue, heartburn, tailbone pain, etc...) and also to help me be in the healthiest place possible for my child. The pregnancy caught me by surprise so I was concerned that my less than optimal health would affect my baby. I worked closely with Anna throughout my pregnancy and her treatments helped me feel vibrant and keep my discomforts at bay. She also focused her treatments on helping me grow a healthy, strong baby. Now that my son is here, I hear over and over from friends and relatives about how strong he is and how healthy he looks. In addition, Anna's encouragement and cheerful attitude were a huge emotional support to me during what was at times a lonely period in my life. My mom had passed away recently and I had just moved to the area. I was feeling a bit isolated and was lacking support from other women. Anna, being the naturally genuine, kindhearted person that she is, planned a baby shower for me and rounded up all her female friends and colleagues to help offer their support. I was really touched that Anna, after only knowing me for such a short time, would do something so generous.

I recently started attending her Healthy Happy Life Seminars. It's been interesting to learn from a Chinese Medicine perspective how my emotions and the events in my life tie in with my health. I realize now why certain physical symptoms started after major events in my life. She focuses on how our fears prevent us from achieving what we want from life and the importance of self worth.

In summary, Anna is a warm, cheerful person. She is a practitioner that is truly committed to your total wellbeing.

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Jenn S.
Mission Viejo, CA
5.0 star rating

I'm not quite sure what has taken me so long to write this. Probably the fact that I don't usually write reviews. But this acupuncturist pretty much saved my life so how could I not write about it? I came to her during a time when my health and wellbeing were spiraling out of control. My back pain levels were off the charts, I wasn't sleeping, I could only walk with either a wheelchair or walker, and many systems in my body had just shut down from the continued stress. I also suffered from severe fibromyalgia. Every doctor I'd been to had made me even worse than I already was. I was afraid I'd never walk again. I came to Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs as a last resort. I already felt at ease during my first appointment because of Anna's kindness, positive attitude and expertise. In only 3 weeks, I saw improvements for some issues most doctors had just given up on. And in only a couple months, I was walking unassisted. I soon found more and more symptoms improving or disappearing as I continued my treatments. Anna is gifted. She gave me my life back. She's unlike any other acupuncturist I had tried. I highly, highly recommend her!

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Michael D.
Mission Viejo, CA
5.0 star rating

My hairstylist told me how much Anna had helped relieve his pain - so I had to check it out. Wow - though my severe hip pain hindered my daily routine, 10 sessions with Anna completed removed my pain!

Combined with other therapeutic modalities, her acupuncture skills are outstanding, her bedside manner is gentle and caring - and I can't say enough about how healing her facility is.

Woohoo! As good as it gets! Book an appointment right now on her website. Don't delay!

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Melissa D.
Aliso Viejo, CA
5.0 star rating

This review is so overdue! Anna is an amazing lady and an absolute gem! I have known her for almost a year now and have only received the most outstanding service every time I have seen her. I found Anna here on Yelp, and took a chance on her glowing reviews. I am so glad that I did, as she is by far one of my favorite service providers, one of the best health care professionals, and one the greatest healers that I have ever known. I came down with an awful case of eczema for the first time in my life, all over my face, neck, and chest. After seeing medical doctors who misdiagnosed me and who didn't know how to help me, I thought I would try acupuncture. I called up many acupuncturists offices, and after one phone conversation with Anna, I knew that she was the one I wanted to see. I was thoroughly impressed with her attentiveness and knowledge. She spent a long time on the phone with me answering all my questions and telling me about her practice and methods. I was impressed with her even after one conversation, because she offers such a superior level of service. She is always accommodating and I have learned something from every pretreatment consultation that I have with her. After around 17 treatments, I was healed, but hooked and continued to go in for treatments anyway, as I noticed how much they helped with my general well-being. Anna is an amazing healer. She is personable, extremely knowledgeable, and it is obvious that she is passionate about what she does. She genuinely wants to help people and I completely trust her with my health and well-being.

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Kai D.
San Diego, CA
5.0 star rating

Bought an hour session for my sister, Sunny, who was in town for the holidays, to try and ease her scoliosis induced chronic back pain. The idea was to give her a taste of what Cali has to offer, considering she lives in a small town in BFE, NC.

She came out of the office crying. She was so happy. I guess the practitioners in her area that she normally goes to are just your average pin pushers. She's always really relieved, when I talk to her on the phone, after she gets a treatment back east, but I've never seen her like this since her condition worsened. Its almost like, for the rest of the day, I had my old happy go lucky big sister back (:

I really wish that Sunny lived somewhere closer to a truly gifted alternative medecine specialist, so that she could receive these types of procedures regularly. Anna was kind enough to give us some info on her professor, who lives down by me in SD, so that we can contact him to try and help us find someone in her area that he recommends.

I really can't express, having seen firsthand, how important it is to find the most knowledgeable specialist when searching for healthcare. I am truly marveled by the results of this one visit, and if Sunny can find a lateral by her home town, it would be a dream come true.

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May T.
Orange, CA
5 Stars as of 8/17/2013

I have been going to Anna for the past two years and I only wish that I found her sooner!!! Although she is not a doctor, I have chosen to go to Anna because her methods work better compared to my experiences with doctors. For those who are interested in the results, let me give you a list of issues I've had that she has helped me with:

Childless Syndrome
Hormonal Imbalance
Stress / Mental Wellness
Wrist Sprain
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Boudoir Activities
and so much more . . .

If you are satisfied with that summary, then eye muffs to the following. My journey began when I walked into her office as a last resort for my migraines that plagued me for years. I was skeptical and even remembered asking her how the needles "work." We talked for a long time and she convinced me to give it a go. What surprised me was when she asked me what other issues I might have. I thought it was going to be a fix one thing and come back for another as they do at the doctors office. She explained that with her needles she can work on a multitude of problems. Again I was skeptical that needles could cure me of my constant UTI recurrences that plagued me for 7 years. But since she asked I told her that I had tests done and went to several doctors who said that the only way for me to stop having them was to take medication daily. I refused and therefore suffered for years trying cure myself. I also never had a normal period and she said she could help me regulate it. Again, with needles?? I figured I would go ona couple of times and be done.

But when I had my first treatment, I felt the most relaxed that I had been in a long time. I decided to try it a couple of more times to give it a chance and even started keeping a headache and migraine log. Over the next couple of months they started diminishing until I no longer had them. I was amazed and ecstatic. Then the UTI's which I had for over 7 years stopped occurring. That was probably the thing that made me a believer. I still can't explain it but I know that she made my body healthy without the use of medication. She even warned me that if I wasn't planning on getting pregnant I should be extra careful as most of her patients did get pregnant. My husband and I were still not sure and the first time that we actually tried, my Childless Syndrome was cured.

There is just so many things that Anna and acupuncture has changed in my life that I couldn't possibly squeeze all of it into a review. I will say that her acupuncture is only the second reason why I go back to her. She is a wonderfully caring, nurturing, and spiritual individual that you wouldn't want to go to anyone else! Thank you for changing my life!!

Also, I would be more than happy to answer any questions if anyone has any :)

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Erin B.
Aliso Viejo, CA
5 Stars as of 4/24/2012

This review is long over due! Anna has a very special gift. I came to Anna for back pain. The combination of herbs and needles the pain has gone away completely. She has incredible way of listening! All of her referrals have been wonderful! I would recommend Anna in a heartbeat!

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Sara D.
Costa Mesa, CA
5 Stars as of 8/14/2013

Anna is a dedicated successful healer for women with hormonal imbalance issues. I suffered from having irregular periods for the past 2.5 years after I decided to go off of be birth control pill Yaz, and then BeYaz. I had tried many things such as bio identical hormone remedies etc. and nothing helped. Since I've been going to Anna, I was really aggressive with the acupuncture in the beginning, I've had 4 full periods without any of the herbal remedies she said we may have to try if my body didn't respond to the needles, but I did! She makes the acupuncture process SO relaxing I leave there feeling so relaxed like a new woman! I trust Anna can heal any sort of issue with her expertise in Chinese medicine. I would recommend her to everyone!

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Erin B.
Aliso Viejo, CA
5 Stars as of 8/2/2013


I was having TMJ pain and was able to see Anna the same day. The pain is almost 100% gone. Anna will work with your needs. Thank you!

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Irvine, CA
5 Stars as of 6/24/2013

Look no further, Anna is who you want to go to for acupuncture. Not only is she an expert at her craft, but she genuinely wants to help you "graduate" from your pain/issue. It is clear helping people is not only her passion, but her gift.

I had suffered from tendonitis in the past and where time off of work, physical, and occupational therapy failed me, acupuncture worked quickly and permanently. The practitioners however, didn't leave such a great impression. So when my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family, I knew that I wanted to do acupuncture but didn't know who to trust with such a sensitive issue.

A good friend recommended Anna. She received regular treatments and got pregnant fairly quickly although her doctor had told her she wasn't ovulating and recommended fertility treatments. She emphasized Anna's sincere desire to help and recommended I go to her website and read the case studies and watch the videos. I couldn't believe the wealth of information on the website and how comprehensive her work was! This convinced me to give Anna a try.

At the time I was 34 and by western standards on the brink of "high risk." After my initial consultation Anna had put all of my fears to rest. I was actually excited about the journey to motherhood instead of fearful. I began regular treatments 2-3 times a week and looked forward to each one. I had never felt better in my life. I was sleeping better and had great energy. Long story short, I became pregnant after trying for 1 month!

Soon after, morning sickness hit. I suffered from severe nausea and again looked to Anna for relief. I continued my regular treatments and the symptoms subsided to a manageable level. As my pregnancy progressed she treated me for the typical issues: fatigue, back pain, heartburn, etc. At 9 months, I got a severe cold and acupuncture again came to my rescue as I couldn't take any medication. Just one week later, my baby came! Labor was fairly easy and I healed very quickly as Anna said I would. Acupuncture kept me in great shape both physically and mentally.

I have since recommended Anna to numerous people and endorse her work completely. In fact, she is the first person I will go to with a medical issue. I don't entirely understand how acupuncture works, but it DOES WORK! Give her a try. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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Lake Forest, CA

I began receiving acupuncture treatments from Anna in July 2012 and haven't stopped since! Anna has helped heal all my pregnancy aches and pains along with any anxiety related to pregnancy, labour, delivery and motherhood! Not only does one receive acupuncture for their particular health concerns, but Anna offers a very holistic approach to wellbeing: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I wholeheartedly recommend Elements in Harmony to anyone interested in a very natural and effective approach to their healing.

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Danielle T.
Aliso Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 Stars as of 4/10/13

After a very tough couple of months at the beginning of my pregnancy, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I searched 'the best of the best acupuncturist' here on Yelp, and I found Anna. Aside from her being very kind and understanding, and AMAZING at what she does, she helped me and my pregnancy go SO smoothly. At the beginning, I was having HORRIBLE breakouts. I mean, I've always had horrible skin, but I had NEVER seen my skin like the way it was the first few months I was preggers. That was the main reason why I went in. I also had stress tremors, where if I'd feel "overloaded" or extremely stressed, my head would shake, in a "no-no" kinda way. After a couple treatments a week for a few weeks I notice my tremors had lessened and my skin had started to clear. I continued to see Anna, even though I felt I didn't "need" her treatments anymore, just to make sure I would have a healthy pregnancy and for my own well being (both emotionally and physically). After one of my ultrasounds, we had found out that I had marginal placenta previa. I informed Anna of this, and after two months of her treatments, once a week, I went back in for an ultrasound, and sure enough, I no longer had it. At that ultrasound though, they ended up realizing the baby was breech, and they said we need to have this baby turn if you want to have him naturally. I told Anna of the baby being breech, and after once a week treatments for a month, I went back into the Dr's office and the baby had turned. Throughout the pregnancy, I told her that I really wanted to have my baby as close to the due date as possible, meaning, I didn't want to be one of those statistics where I was like 2 weeks over due. Main reason was because both my family and my husband's family were in town, and I didn't want them to miss out on "BabyT's" arrival. We had talked about her doing an "induction" once my due date had passed. I scheduled an appointment with her to do a "soft induction", as she would say; she wanted to prepare my body for childbirth. Well, let's just say that my body was extremely sensitive to her treatment (which is a good thing, don't get me wrong!), and I ended up having slight contractions at her office while under needles. I went home that night, fell asleep, and sure enough, 3 am rolls around, and I start having REAL contractions. I couldn't believe it! Within 24 hours after getting her treatment, I was holding my beautiful baby boy! Acupuncture WORKS PEOPLE!!! haha TRUST ME!

Anyways, this was a very short and abbreviated version of all the things she helped me with and I just wanted to share it with the world, so more people go see her and can experience her healing treatments.

Thank you so much, Anna! I really appreciate everything you did for me. You are TRULY the BEST!

Now... If only I could find the time to go visit her NOW! BabyT sure keeps me busy! One day soon, hopefully...

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Mark B.
Aliso Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 Stars as of 3/25/13

If you ever had pain and wondered how to get rid of it without prescriptions or pain killers, check out Elements in Harmony. A pain that is in the neck can be treated with acupuncture. (To the ankle and calf area!) I was surprised and amazed, as someone who is afraid of needles, that it didn't hurt and it got rid of the muscle pain and now I can actually sleep and wake up pain free! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Huntington Beach, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 10/05/2012

Ok so.....

I am not one to automatically assume the best; however, Dr. Dolopo has made me a believer. Well, let me rephrase that, my body after her treatments has made me a believer.

When I started my treatments, I had a laundry list of problems that I had no hopes of curing. After 7 treatments, I literally have maybe one or two things still lingering, which she said would take a while, such as allergies. I had a cyst in my left hand which handicapped me from working as a hairdresser that is now 95% gone. As for the rest, I won't get into details, but I feel 100% better.

I'm not squeamish, although the thought of needles entering my body doesn't exactly put me at ease. Dr. D is amazing. I do not feel the treatment while she's doing it and I now regard it as a welcome day-time nap.

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but as far as I am concerned, she is a master of her trade and I would find it hard to come across someone else as passionate and in love with her craft as her. I couldn't be happier with my progress and for the simple fact that I love going and feeling amazing. I don't see myself going anywhere. Run, don't walk!

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Ladera Ranch, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 7/29/2012

I have been going to Anna for over 2 years now and cannot say enough great things about her. I first started seeing her when I went in for a nagging hip pain that I had tried everything to get rid of. A friend one night suggested acupuncture - I was admittedly a skeptic and hence why I never went. But I was at my whits end and would try anything to make the pain go away. The very next morning as I was driving to work, a van pulled up next to me with the advertisement on its car - Elements in Harmony Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. I knew it was meant to be. I immediately called that number and I have been with her ever since. Within a year my hip pain was completely gone. Now I see Anna for my mental and overall well being.

I cannot imagine my life without Anna and her special gift. She is an amazing practitioner as well as an extraordinary person and friend.

She made a believer out of me!!

Thank you, Ann.

All the best, Michelle

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Heather P.
Aliso Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 5/13/2012

I have had ongoing issues after a car accident and needed additional help beyond traditional physical therapy.

I was skeptical, but went in open minded and Anna was very patient and listened to all my issues. It soon became not just about my specific health issues, but about me all around, who I am and what I wanted to get out of seeing her.

Her office is open and very much for those who don't mind being around other patients, but she focuses on you. You very much feel she is doing this for you and it's not about HER. After seeing Anna, I very much felt that she wanted to see me get better, to "graduate." It was not about having me need to see her forever.

And with Anna, how can you not want to say with a smile that she is warm and sincere and believes in what she does. It is all about your comfort. Do not be afraid to say you are not comfortable, you want to move, you need this or you need that. I felt empowered and that I had a voice in my treatment.

And yes, I noticed a difference.

But what has been most frustrating is that I had to stop going because my insurance does not cover her and I noticed how much she was helping me. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I now see even more how much I was improving.

I highly recommend Anna, she will listen to you and make your needs her priority. She will make your a believer.

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Noel K.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: 5.0 star as of 5/28/2012

Ok, I've been trying to post this earlier, but somehow my laziness got the best of me. I have been to quite a few acupuncturists in my life and never have I seen an apparent difference or improvement even with multiple long-term treatments. Anna was by far the most impressive acupuncturist I've experienced and I am not exaggerating by saying this. I normally don't leave reviews for lots of places to start with.

I went in to see Anna last November when I was late with my baby and all the walking and acupressure wasn't helping with the progress. My first one took forever to progress and my second one was already 5 days late when I went in for an induction acupuncture. Honestly, I was skeptical but was desperate enough to try anything. Somehow I found out about Anna and this has been the best blessing for our family during this childbirth.

I could see she was really busy with loads of patients going in and out, and it seems she was super attentive to every single one of them. Initially, I thought she was too distracted to pay attention to my case, but once she sat down, she was compassionate, took attention to details, and in a way she had me process my hidden fear from the previous childbirth experience which might have been the most important thing I had to do before the second one's arrival.

As much as I wished to keep things as natural as possible, Anna assured me the treatment would not affect things unless the baby was ready to progress.

With all the acupuncture treatments I've been to, I still get uncomfortable each time I see the needles. She explained step by step as she placed each needle and made it as comfortable as it could get. I was offered a comfy eye pillow and I spent 45 minutes laying there feeling the change in my body, immediate progress, I could literally feel my pelvis bone opening wider and the baby moving lower! It was the weirdest experience ever!

After the treatment, the progress continued and I was in transition by the time we made it home! My appointment with Anna was at 8 pm, my baby arrive at 3 am in the morning! Thank you, Anna! It was the most pleasant experience ever and I wish I shared it with everyone earlier. I'm glad I took note of others' recommendations and I plan to visit her with any other treatments in the future! Especially if you are late in childbirth and wish to experience your childbirth as natural as possible, I'd give her a visit indeed. One thing I'd do differently is, probably see her earlier in the pregnancy instead of last-minute once the baby's late.

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Ed A.
Rating: 5.0 star as of 4/20/2012

I've used Anna several times for acupuncture. I had migraine headaches and occasional arm and wrist pain from using the computer too much and Anna's treatments took care of it all. Anna is a phenomenal acupuncturist and takes time to listen to you and understand your pain and symptoms. It's best to sign up for several treatments as you can't expect everything to go away with just one treatment (just like a gym membership, you can't expect phenomenal results after one workout). My insurance covered her services so definitely worth checking to see if you're covered.

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Jason D.
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Rating: 5.0 star as of 11/20/2011

I have never written a review before on Yelp, but my experience had to be shared. I can't say enough about Anna and the wonderful job she does. I have had numerous treatments with an acupuncturist and all have been quite successful. However, the balance method Anna uses is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have already been to 5 treatments, but I noticed results almost immediately. Anna takes the time to explain exactly what is going on and makes you feel very at ease. She is warm and friendly and creates a very happy environment from the moment you walk in the door. You instantly feel that she cares about you and graduating you from your pain.

I just took my wife for her very first acupuncture visit ever and she had a wonderful experience as well. We are so blessed to have found Anna. She is a gem and she definitely has an amazing gift for healing.

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Rating: 5.0 star as of 12/6/2011

I'm a believer in acupuncture, but have been too afraid to try it myself. However, I had a fall about a year ago, which resulted in broken bones and an eventual need for surgery to repair my rotator cuff. The healing has not been going well, and I've been in a lot of pain. This has also caused my migraines to increase, and I've developed RSD. Reaching the point of being willing to try anything, but not wanting to depend on stronger drugs, and on the recommendation of my Physical Therapist, I went to see Anna. She talked with me first, explaining her technique and what I could expect, answered all my questions, and made me feel at ease. Honestly, I was surprised at how easy it was. And I felt improvement after my first visit! I didn't tell my therapist I had seen Anna, I wanted to see if she noticed anything. She did! Then I knew it wasn't "all in my head", there really was slight improvement in my range of motion and the pain was different. I'm going to continue seeing her, and I recommend her to anyone who wishes to feel better.

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Harriet B.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Rating: 5.0 star as of 4/7/2012

Anna is a pure soul with a passion for healing, and that is exactly what she does at Elements in Harmony. She has helped me with so many issues including allergies, vertigo, physical pain, swelling, autoimmune and carb cravings.

I was actually looking for a chiropractor back in 2008 when I first met Anna and felt an instant connection with her. She has helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually and has been a huge blessing in my life. Thank you Anna for all that you have given me...

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Adam A.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 4/18/2012

Seriously! Anna is a freak of nature! She just has a way of making things feel better. Period. I have bone spurs in my back that were causing me sleepless nights. After a few visits with Anna, my back was feeling 80%-90% better. She also increased mobility in my left shoulder by apparently making the 15 year old scar tissue from an old basketball injury practically disappear. Can you admit that you have road rage? Anna makes the Mr. Hyde in me stay within me when I'm on the road. What can I say? I'd go see Anna for just about anything and have sent several friends to see her for their ailments too. She just fixes things! I heard she gets women pregnant all the time as well. I don't think I'll be needing that though. Bottom line - Anna gets the job done and she's just cool to talk to. Anna also has the coolest dog on the planet to go along with her awesome family. If you see Anna because of this review, I'm sure you won't leave her office hating me. Seriously!

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Liz M.
Long Beach, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 1/19/2012

Update - 1/19/2012

This update has been a long time in the making. I have been a patient at Elements in Harmony for well over 2 years. When I started seeing Anna, acupuncture was not a part of my long-term plan. I had hoped to be in and out in a few sessions and figured that I would stop seeing her when my anxiety was gone. My life has been completely change and I can't imagine giving it up. With my anxiety gone (yes, completely), I continue to see major (although sometimes subtle) positive improvements in my body, my mind, and in my life.

Anna is a wiz with physical issues like dry skin, insomnia, digestion problems, joint pain, allergies, and headaches (the list goes on). She's done wonders for my immune system. In fact, I can't remember the last cold I had. And, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, I no longer suffer the emotional and physical effects of PMS. (Goodbye cramps and hormonal roller-coaster!) Stress has less and less effect on me. Anna has also reduced my compulsive thinking dramatically. I have virtually no road-rage and find myself a much more peaceful, clearheaded, and focused person.

Here are a few things an acupuncture newbie might have questions about:

Needles. I know, I know - you hate needles. I do, too. (Yes, I'm serious!) I'm here to tell you that acupuncture doesn't hurt. Sure, one needle out of a hundred may sting a bit - but it's NOTHING like getting a shot. Injection needles are significantly larger and most of the pain is from the fluid, itself, being injected. If you're truthfully scared, ask Anna to let you try a single needle before you buy a session. She'll give you some time to try it out - she's cool like that.

Community sessions. Most people will opt for "community sessions" because they're less expensive than private-room sessions. You'll be in a large room with a few other people. Soft music helps drown out any noise created by folks coming or going. You also have the option to wear ear-buds and listen, quietly, to your own tunes. Either way, be prepared to meditate or sleep for your time in treatment.

Privacy. Many acupuncturists who offer community sessions usually don't have a private space where you can share your medical and personal concerns. Anna has a private office where she sees patients before treatment. You are able to discuss your issues without other people knowing your business.

Cost. I've done research on acupuncture prices and Anna is significantly less costly than other practitioners. She also offers deals for regular patients. Obviously acupuncture is an investment, but it's worth the long-term pay-off.

Ongoing learning. Every time I visit, Anna tells me about some new thing she's learned. Whether it's from a book she's been reading, a conference she attended, or some breakthrough in alternative medicine, Anna is a true healer - constantly evaluating her current methods and searching for further information to help those who trust her with their care.

Oh, and by the way, at the time that I'm posting this, Anna has nearly 50 Yelp reviews. You'll want to make sure to go through the 40 'filtered' reviews of people praising her healing. You can find a nearly-invisible link to them at the bottom of this list of reviews.

If Western medicine can't (or won't) help, if you're sick of being sick, or if you just want better peace of mind, give Anna a try!

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Cat T.
Long Beach, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 1/2/2012

Having recently given up on becoming a mother myself - I was understandably elated when I tested positive for pregnancy at my OBGYN's clinic. Shortly thereafter I secured a terrific Midwife (see OC Midwifery review) and she referred me to Anna @ Elements in Harmony. Right from the start Anna took me under her wing, providing me the best prenatal care. I looked so forward to my weekly visits. I learned that Anna has helped many women get pregnant after years of issues as well as help Mommies like me maintain successful pregnancies after prior multiple miscarriages. Anna treated me for body aches, maintaining my healthy immune system, swelling, morning sickness and more for the duration of my entire pregnancy. At 40 weeks she helped me go in to labor naturally. I am certain that due to her care I was in optimal condition throughout my pregnancy. My daughter was born at home - healthy, alert and drug free. My daughter is also exceptionally calm - this I attribute to Anna's acupuncture and my frequent visits. I have seen Anna post pardum as well and will continue to see her in the future. She's a true healer.

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Jeanna B.
Long Beach, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 8/23/2011

Before I found Anna in January of this year, I was in a lot of pain.  My first car accident (severe whiplash, no broken bones) was at 9 years old.  Fast forward through some hard jars, falls, and various other injuries in 22 years.  I was suffering from debilitating headaches every other day, upper/middle/lower back pain, hip and foot pain.  For no apparent reason, my fingers would feel like they had been slammed in a car door.  My shoulders would be drastically uneven every other week.  It hurt to walk for longer than 10 minutes and my neck was so weak, I had to hold my head up when I would lean over to fill out paperwork or read.  My chiropractor was sometimes seeing me 3 times a week to put everything back into place but frequently these treatments held only 3-4 hours.

Tomorrow will be my 75th acupuncture treatment and I no longer see the chiropractor.  I am now enjoying every morning because the headaches are not there.  I'm no longer popping pain pills and living in a fog half of my waking moments.  The numbness and pain in my arms and hands have left.  The strength in my neck and back has increased and my posture has improved greatly.  We are still working on some lower back/hip pain and a faint weakness in my feet, but I can now wear flip flops after being trapped in shoes that could accommodate my somewhat bulky $300 foot braces for over 2 years.

Anna's kind words and treatments have given me the ability to live a much fuller life.  The results I've found with Anna supersede all others.  Since my first treatment, my pain levels have gone down around 70%.  I believe I need around 20-50 more treatments to graduate from my pain.  Just a little bit further to go until I'm pain free.  Something I never thought possible before I met Anna.

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Niel T.
Ladera Ranch, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 6/14/2011

Having undergone acupuncture treatments many times before, I thought that I knew what to expect when I went to Anna's clinic. I felt instantly welcome when I walked through the door. She is extremely personable and made me feel like an old friend. She doesn't have lead hands when it comes to placing the acupuncture needles, which was greatly appreciated! She even gave me a hug when I left. Her operating hours accommodate working people and her prices are quite affordable. I highly recommend her services.

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Agnes N.
Laguna Hills, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 5/13/2011

This review is long overdue .....I came to Anna last year - 3 months pregnant with back pain and anxiety/panic attacks.

The back pain was gone after 3 sessions. The anxiety never completely disappear but I definitely felt more relaxed and calm.

I was treated by Anna almost until  my due date and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Thank you Anna for you help!!! You are great.

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Liz M.
Long Beach, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 3/12/2010

I can't imagine going to anyone but Anna for my acupuncture needs.

The first thing you realize with Anna is that her sessions are not just about your body.  They're about your mind and spirit, as well.  She works to 'graduate' your pain by helping your body's various energy fields flow properly.

With consistent treatment, my generalized anxiety is next to nothing.  She's cured me of hypoglycemia and, if compulsive eating is a problem, she'll reduce that to distant memory.  I've gone to her with both heart burn and a painful muscle strain (from yoga), which disappeared in one treatment.  After 4-5 treatments, the tendonitis I've had for 15 years is a thing of yesterday.  I cannot sing her praises enough!

I was skeptical, but I'm cured of that, too.  ;)  Give her a chance, you'll be happy you did!

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Lorelei S.
Laguna Beach, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 7/6/2009

If I could give more than five stars I would.

Anna is an exceptional and skilled acupuncturist.  I last saw Anna for back problems which I know is from the epidurial I received from my c-section.  I couldn't lay flat without my back spasming painfully on me.  She used an intense treatment and did what she could in one treatment - I have twin infants so I don't have much time to get away.  After the treatment my back was still a little sore as she told me would be the possibility HOWEVER that night I was able to sleep on my back which was something I could not do since the babies were born.  It was the greatest feeling to not have to be propped up.

What also makes Anna special is she truely cares for her patients.  She has always taken the extra time (when she can) to listen.  I've never felt rushed with her.  She is so easy to talk to she makes you feel like a friend whom you haven't seen for years.

Anna is a master of her trade and I definitely recommend her.

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April K.
Huntington Beach, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 5/2/2009

Hi Anna,

I know for a fact that your acupuncture treatments helped me so much. I was able to see you twice the week before the birth and both of those times I was so relaxed, I wanted to stay forever! The peace and calm I felt after each treatment was beyond words. 3 days after my last treatment my water broke and I calmly started my birthing. The next day I gave birth peacefully in my home to my healthy son.

When I was getting treatments, you not only were professional, but you made me feel like an old friend, which I think helped relax me so much more. Thank you so much for everything, I will continue coming back to see you so I can be a peaceful and balanced Momma!


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Heather W.
Santa Ana, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 6/4/2010

Anna is a fantastic soul! Not only did she help me tremendously with my pregnancy, but she made me feel comfortable, rested, and centered. I came to her at 34 weeks pregnant with marginal placenta previa, was on bed rest, and was being told I'd have to have a scheduled c-section at 36 weeks. After two treatments, my doctor told me that he'd never seen a previa move as quickly and as much as mine did. I was able to deliver my daughter naturally at 40 weeks, when she was ready. Thank you Anna!!

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Mike D.
San Diego, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 7/16/2009

Dr. Dolopo was my acupuncturist while she was in San Diego.  She provided me with the best treatments I've had, and it's been difficult to find a local acupuncturist as skilled as her.  For anyone in the Lake Forest area, you are very fortunate to have a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner in your neighborhood.

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Stefanie M.
Portland, OR
Rating: 5 Star as of 7/14/2009

I started seeing Anna in the beginning of summer for an enlarged lymph node.  What I didn't know was that she was going to help me with so many other things in my body.  I had had minor digestion problems my whole life.  After I ate I would always have some discomfort which I just considered a normal part of digestion.  Now after I eat I feel good with no pain.  I now realize that this is normal.  Acupuncture has helped me to identify when I feel full which allows me to stop eating before I over eat.  As a result I have started to lose weight with out even trying.  She has also helped me tremendously with overstressing and worrying.  I feel so much more in control of my thoughts and emotions and have much more happiness and a sense of peace in my life.    I still see Anna regularly for my lymph node and I continue to enjoy the benefits of her acupuncture for any new ailments that come up along the way.  For instance she has helped me recover from a cold much quicker than I would have in the past.  She has also helped me to get over a knee injury I recently experienced doing yoga.  I recommend acupuncture to friends and strangers all the time.  It has improved the quality of my life tremendously.

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Wallis B.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 Stars as of 7/13/2009

Anna is an fabulous acupuncturist.  I don't have specific pain that I am working through, but I go see Anna whenever I feel unbalanced.  She has a talent for treating both body and mind.

I have done acupuncture before, but without results.  I felt results with Anna after just one session.  I strongly believe that this is because of Anna's warmth and genuine love of what she does.  Anyone with proper training can stick you with needles, but Anna offers a more complete therapy.  She becomes your friend and you can't help but be changed by her positivity.

If you are in pain, go see Anna.  Even if you just need a place to reset your mind and leave life's issues at the door, go see Anna.  She is AMAZING!!!

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Brad M.
Newport Beach, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 7/8/2009

Anna provided me with wonderful treatments for a nagging thumb injury, as well as helped "reset" my body overall.  I'll continue to go see Anna for her top notch service and wonderful personality.

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San Diego, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 7/8/2009

Dear Ms. Dolopo,

Thank you very much for doing what you do best to heal my back! I am currently training for a marathon and about 3 weeks ago, I ended up hurting the lower part of the back after running for over an hour with sub par shoes. It was so extreme that the event kept me bed ridden all weekend.

I was skeptical at first in your abilities to heal as an acupuncturist as my grandfather was in the same profession and has always treated me up until 6 years ago when he passed away. I've always attributed my extraordinary health to acupuncture but stopped treatments when Grandpa Chung went to be with the Lord. Thus, the resulting skepticism in your abilities as an acupuncturist (you had huge shoes to fill!).

However, after 2 sessions for the back problem, my back has healed and I'm "back" running and training for my next run. Not to mention, I've achieved a level of energy not identified until 6 years ago and a weight loss of several pounds!! Furthermore, you're one of the most professional individuals that I know and you possess a unique knowledge and care that results in life long customers!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Very Respectfully,
Charles P. Shin, President
Govie Enterprises

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Bethany T.
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 7/8/2009

Anna has been a HUGE blessing in my life.  I started going to her in mid-April (2009) with severe neck and back pain.  Within the first couple of treatments, I was already feeling a major difference -- so much BETTER! I totally believe in what she does, and the acupuncture and massages have made a tremendous difference in my life.  Plus, Anna is a wonderful person and has made me feel so comfortable every time I'm there.  I highly recommend her to any and everyone.  She is amazing and has worked wonders in my life!!

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DJ Larry P.
Orange, CA
Rating: 4 Star as of 7/7/2009

Well, I have to say Anna is delightful to work with. Her patient demeanor is second to none. She not only makes you feel great physically with the acupucture and fantastic massage but her positive spin on life completely rubs off and has helped me immensly. I would totally recommend her to anyone with any symptoms.

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Sarajane M.
Pasadena, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 7/6/2009

I neglected my health for too long.  By the time I decided to seek Anna's help there were numerous areas that needed to be addressed.  I was a chronic insomniac that could never seem to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep at night.  I had digestive issues and an irregular menses.  I was stressed and easily irritable.

I was amazed at how quickly Anna's balance method took affect.  The very same day I had my 1st treatment I slept for 8 hours straight for the first time in years. I drove all the way from Pasadena to see her.  You can imagine the stress and road rage that can build up in LA traffic when someone cuts you off.  After my treatment I was calm and centered.  A couple of people actually cut me off but...no road rage.

The next day I woke up full of energy.  My metabolism kicked into gear and I decided to continue to see Anna once a week to take care of other issues. After 6 treatments she regulated my menses.  I lost 15 pounds without doing any exercise or making any changes to my diet!

Anna is worth her weight in gold and then some.  She is a true healer that sincerely wants to help others to the best of her ability.  Believe me, she IS the BEST.  If you don't live in Lake Forest, who cares!  She is definitely worth driving the distance.

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Tonya B.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 5/11/2009

Elements of Harmony is truly as good as it gets!!!  Anna is amazingly sweet and incredibly dedicated to her work as an acupuncturist.  She has treated me for the more than two years working diligently to improve my endocrine system aftering radioactive iodine treatment which burned out my overactive thyroid.  As you might guess, this is a very drastic treatment and it left my body devasted.  I was weak, unable to sleep well, gaining weight, experiencing hair loss and elevated blood sugar levels.  I was a mess and had no hope of battling these systems.  A coworker recommended I try acupuncture.  She was a patient of Anna's.  Initially, Anna treated me 2x per month for about a 9 months, then she suggested 1x week and we continued this about one year.  My health has improved greatly and I believe it is due to the amazing work of Anna at Elements of Harmony and partnership with my doctor.  My doctor is very supportive of my work with Anna and it shows in my recent lab work.   Thank you so much Anna for your commitment to helping me improve the quality of my life.

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Dawn J.
Laguna Hills, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 4/30/2009

Anna is a very dedicated mom, friend, wife and Health Care Provider!  She is incredibly knowledgeable and always going the extra mile to facilitate the health of her clients.  As a colleague who has shared space with Anna as well as received her treatments, I can truly say that she is a hard working, ethical woman with a passionate heart for the holistic services that she provides!

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Karna L.
San Diego, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 4/29/2009

I was treated by Anna a few years ago, and she is the best! She is caring, knowledgeable and very passionate about what she does. I would never see anyone else-and if she was still seeing patients in San Diego I would be seeing her on a weekly basis, for sure.

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Guy W.
Lake Forest, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 4/29/2009

Testimonials - addiction

Dear Anna,

I came to you about 7-8 weeks ago because I just wanted to feel better than I had back then. I had some problems. My left hand seem to go to sleep and now it's about 65% better.

Now here is a real plus for me. You had asked me if I smoked and I said, "Yes." You asked if I wanted to quit. And I said, "Yes." During this time that I have been seeing you, which is about 3-4 times a week, I have gone from 2 packs a day to now 2-3 cigarettes a day. I would say that is super, super great! I have smoked for over 50 years. You have done more for me on smoking that anybody else. For those who are reading this, I am 65 years old.

I have now quit since Jan 1.2009. It's great.

I believe people have put themselves where they are today by doing the wrong things. Those issues cannot be fixed over night or with a magic pill.

My eating habits were okay before I came to you, but because of you, I am eating better now and feeling so much better, too.

I began asking questions since the day I met you. You are providing the answers. One only has to listen to the answers and decide. What you provide is your knowledge and all the years of acupuncture and everything else you have learned over the years. I tell people about what you can provide and I recommend your services to them.

When I get to the point that I don't have to come anymore, it would be great. I don't know right now when that will be because when I come in, it is so relaxing and I feel great. You are kind, considerate, sincere, caring, understanding and willing to do what it take to make people feel better physically and strengthen their self-esteem. You give that extra mile and more. I feel I will be a long time practice member under your care, even if it's just 3-4 times a month.

Love doing Qi Gong also, it changes things in your body that you feel great after your done doing it and you feel so much better, it's a daliy thing.

God Bless You,
- Guy R. Webb

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K P.
Orange County, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 3/17/2011

I have only been going to Anna for about five sessions now and already I am sure I will be sticking with her for years to come. Her care, kindness, and expertise have already proved to be a huge blessing in my life. I have never trusted any healthcare practitioner so immediately and easily. This first few weeks has been intense for me but I know I'm in good hands and it's all for the purpose of my healing.

Anna has a way of making you feel secure, cared for and respected -- and you will even find her frequently thanking you for coming to see her; a testament to her balanced nature and her clear understanding that it takes two to tango in this world of health and healing.

I, myself, am about to begin studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and am so happy to have found a practitioner I can look up to and work with throughout the next 5-6 years of my rigorous education and growth in learning. I have a feeling she is going to be a saving grace for me through the many remarkable and challenging times I may face during my training over these next few years.

I cannot sing Anna's praises enough and it has only been a few weeks. I can only imagine what great things I'll have to say about her in a few years, as I plan on working with her for that long and beyond.


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Mikhanh P.
Irvine, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 11/13/2010

I have been seeking a great acupuncturist for years and have yet to find one until now. I am a big believer in acupuncture, but the results tend to depend on the caliber of the acupuncturist. I had acupuncture treatment as a child by my father's best friend, who was a western MD that paired western medicine with acupuncture for a comprehensive approach to healing. He completely cured me of my childhood ailments, and ever since, I have been a firm believer of this practice. However, the search for a great acupuncturist spanned many years for me; it was a journey peppered with disappointments, until I found Ana through Yelp, and her raving reviews convinced me to give her a try...boy am I glad I did!

I came to Ana with back and abdominal pain, along with the nastiest flu I've ever had in years. After 3 sessions, my pain was reduced by 75%, and I recovered from the flu in just 3 days--a record-breaking recovery time, especially given the severity of my condition. I am over the moon with the results achieved after just 3 sessions!

Results is the #1 thing I seek in an acupuncturist, and I definitely found that with Ana. But perhaps just as important as results is the acupuncturist's bedside manner, and Ana's bedside manner is truly a model for other acupuncturists to follow. She is gentle, caring, personable, patient, thorough in her fact-finding, follows up consistently. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease the minute you step foot in her clinic. If you have been wanting to try acupuncture but haven't found the right person, you will be pleased with the care you receive at Ana's practice.

Thank you Ana from the bottom of my heart for your care. I am truly blessed to have found you.

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James L.
Irvine, CA
Rating: 5 Star on 12/31/2010

I been coming here off and on for a year and I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place..my bad!! Anna is a great healer, but more importantly, a great person. She makes you feel comfortable and wanting to heal you.

I have come to her with anxiety, dizziness, stress, stomach issues, etc. off and on for a year. She has always put my ying-yang (Qi) in balance in a very short period of time. She has given my life back when things go alittle nuts.

I love going into treatment with her as I lay there with needles in me and just meditating away. It is my time to relax my mind and body and it feels so freakin good. I really get an outter body experience and I know I am in heaven with her treatment.

When it is over, I always want more. Anna is great as she listens and wants to know your progress. If you are still feeling "blah", she will ask you to come back. If you are fine, she will see you when you want to see her. She does not pressure you to see her all the time unless you want to. This what makes her a truly great healer!!

I will always be back to Anna as acupuncture is now a part my life!!

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Cathy T.
Irvine, CA
Rating: 5 star on 8/20/2009

My reason for going to Elements In Harmony was due to frustration with western medical doctors. I had been having intermittent back pain and was given a prescription pain reliever for treatment. I was not comfortable with that solution, so I decided to try an alternative treatment. I was a skeptic, but I felt that I had tried every other traditional method available.

Anna truly loves what she does and has a passion for healing. She took the time to learn about all the issues I was dealing with and formulated a treatment plan. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Anna for the past month and I am now pain-free. She is also treating several other issues which I am seeing great results. I am no longer a skeptic, I am now a believer.

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Ken M.
Orange, CA

Anna Dolopo is an incredible healing practitioner as well as a wonderful person. She has helped me keep my mind straight and focused while healing my achy sore muscles and balancing my energy. She has an incredible energy, and is filled with a love for her work and her love for helping people. I would reccomend her to anyone I know.

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Renee J.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Rating: 5 star on 7/13/2009

I discovered Elements in Harmony from Yelp. I haven't been going to see Anna for very long, but the first time I saw her, she helped loosen my chest when I was suffering from a cold and she helped me feel less anxious and more clear. I've seen her a few times now and WOW! I mean it. I have several things I'm suffering from: back pain that radiates to my arms and legs and some other health stuff. I feel different after visiting her. I feel less pain and less anxious. My energy level feel good. I also have a more positive outlook on the world and towards my family. This is so important for me because it was just hard to leave my home in the morning with my kids and now I'm feeling like getting out and enjoying the California sunshine. Anna is also a very warm and pleasant person to talk to and she seems to project positivity. The nice thing about her practice is that she offers many different specials for treatment and accepts insurance. Let her office check with your insurance. I'll write an update later regarding how my treatment is going, but WOW!

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greg m.
Irvine, CA
Rating: 5 star on 7/12/2009

Acupuncture is the last resort for many patients. I am a full-time student studying acupuncture and working part-time. Like other studies, studying acupuncture is extremely time-consuming, stressful, and exciting all in one package. An acupuncturist has to know not only the Eastern Medical aspect, but also Western Medical aspects as well. The main objective of Chinese Medicine is utilizing the patients own body to rebuild and to strengthen their mind-body-soul. With this premise, the use of very specific points located throughout the body and stimulating those points which are found on the "channels" or "meridians" can move the "qi" or "energy" in order to regain harmony, or equilibrium.

There are over 400 points on the body and 300 different single herbs to help the body on its road to recovery. There are NO side effects to acupuncture, which makes acupuncture so unique.

With this being said, Anna is my doctor that I come to see when I am sick, in pain, or the need for relaxation. I am extremely fortunate to have good health. But, when the bearing weight of everyday life is beginning to take a toll, Anna has helped in relieving my stressful moments allowing me to focus more rather then being over whelmed.

Once again, I am very fortunate to know Anna as my acupuncturist, friend, and mentor. I trust her with great confidence in knowing that I am going to receive the best treatment in Orange County. Anna is fair and reasonable with her pricing for her treatments. Did I mention that she is has been a massage therapist for over 10 years? By the end of your treatment, you will be walking on water without a care in the world.

(In elementary Chinese medicine, there are 400 points in the body. In advance Chinese medical practice, there are hundreds more that an advanced practitioner DOES use. - Anna)

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Rebecca T.
Orange, CA
Rating: 5 star on 7/7/2009

I have been dealing with severe back problems for the last few years. Unfortunately doctors told me I would have to have surgery, and chiropractors just looked at me and shook their head, saying that they didn't know if there was anything that they could do. Then I talked to Anna. From the beginning she was ready and willing to help. I have seen her 3 times in the last 2 weeks and have already had a lot of improvement. On top of my back problem I have been very depressed and have gained a lot of weight. Just in the short time I have known Anna my back started feeling better, my depression isn't as bad, and I feel my clothes getting a little more loose. Sweet humble Anna says it is the medicine, but, I think it is also what she brings to the table. I would recommend Anna to ANYONE who is interested in acupuncture. She is an angel who brings hope and healing to everyone that she meets.



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Georgina S.
Lake Forest, CA
Rating: 5 star on 7/7/2009

Anna was wonderful!! more than just acupuncture a friendship to. I was in a lot of pain with my kideys, and with in 2 days I was on my way to recovery. The pressure points were exact, and I was so relaxed. The herbs and antibiotics worked wonders and helped me recover 100% after finishing them. I recommend Anna to anyone new or old to acupuncture.

(This patient received two formulas from me: herbs to treat the kidney infection and herbal antibiotics.)

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Stephanie S.
Laguna Beach, CA
Rating: 5 star on 7/7/2009

Anna is a true healer. She has helped me with my allergies and asthma with her acupuncture as well as neck pain with her massage. I trust her so much that I sent my son and Anna helped him with his respiratory difficulty. I will recommend Anna to any and all!!

(This patient who left a review is a registered nurse.)

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Tammi A.
San Diego, CA
Rating: 5 star on 7/6/2009

I met Anna in grade school and just recently reconnected with her to work on some fertility/hormonal issues. I started taking herbs earlier this year and in May, I started acupuncture. The progress has been really amazing. My periods have become regular and lighter and my pms has decreased significantly. I mentioned to her that I was experiencing carpal tunnel in my right hand and after a couple of treatments I am no longer having any problems with my hand. I'm looking forward to the next few months and the moment when I am able to hold my baby for the first time. Thanks Anna for your help, time and advice.

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Kellie L.
Orange, CA
Rating: 5 star on 7/6/2009

Anna has an amazing spirit and wealth of knowledge she shares with all. She not only makes you feel so comfortable in her practice, you feel like a loved family member!

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Keri L.
Yorba Linda, CA
Rating: 5 star on 7/6/2009

I was referred to Anna by a patient that has been with Anna for over two years. I am wanting to get pregnant and also I suffer from IBS. I have now received 9 treatments since May 23rd and my IBS symptoms have improved by 80%. I am so happy to be feeling like a "normal" person again! I am starting to see results in regard to my menstrual health that are pleasing as well.

I highly recommend Anna as a trusted professional that takes your health and well being very serious. The environment is very relaxed and Anna was really great to calm my fears as being new to acupuncture! I live 20 miles away from her practice and it is worth the drive for me to get these kind of results!

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Claire S.
Aliso Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 star on 6/28/2009

I experienced sciatic nerve pain recently and wanted to share how acupuncture helped end the pain quickly!

"The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that starts in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the lower limb. It is the longest and widest single nerve in the body. The sciatic supplies nearly the whole of the skin of the leg, the muscles of the back of the thigh, and those of the leg and foot." I experienced unimaginable pain from my back down my entire left leg ending in my ankle that I sprained several years ago. To my shock and dismay sitting or laying down increased the level of pain while standing appeared barley tolerable.

Doctors rate pain on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 a minor pain and 10 the worst pain someone ever experienced. I compared my sprained ankle with the 7 tears to tendons, ligaments and muscles as a 3 on the pain scale (I have extremely high pain tolerance), to the pain in my back and leg which rated an 8. I visited the chiropractor who adjusted my neck as I was out of alignment and said a massage, rest and time would eventually heal the pain. I asked how long eventually was and received the standard answer of everyone is different and while I should start feeling better soon, the pain could take up to a couple of months to fully disappear. This was the general consensus I received from doctors, family, friends and coworkers. Everyone said sciatic nerve pain heals slowly and I would live in a pain for at least a couple of months.

Remembering how quickly my ankle pain disappeared after my first visit, I contacted Anna and saw her that day. After Anna placed several needles in my right arm (not in my back or left leg) the pain level started dropping. After the treatment my overall pain dropped by 5%. While to many this seems minuscule to someone with sciatic nerve pain this means a great deal. I then saw Anna almost daily, 7 visits in 10 days. Each time the pain dropped from 10 to 50% while on the table and stayed reduced for several hours after I left. Each treatment reduced the overall pain bit by bit. My family, friends and coworkers were shocked at how quickly I was recovering since the first few days I could barely walk and could not sit for any length of time. The pain literally shot down my back to may ankle increasing dramatically while sitting. During meetings at work, I would stand for large parts since the pain decreased while standing (though the looks from some of my coworkers was quite comical, I could not laugh because that also increased the pain). After 10 visits in 2 weeks my pain was over 90% decreased!!!!! The last 10% disappeared over the next couple of weeks as I saw Anna less often. I know that if I kept visiting Anna daily for treatments, the last 10% would disappear even faster.

Instead of the 2 months I was quoted by doctors, family and friends, my sciatic nerve pain was 90% gone in 2 weeks.

Thank you Anna for your help!


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John S.
Laguna Beach, CA
Rating: 5 star on 6/22/2009

Anna came to my rescue when I was suffering from Mono, an enlarged spleen, and Strep throat. My face was swollen and extremely painful. After one treatment my pain was noticeably less and the swelling started to go down. I believe my condition improved more rapidly because of Anna's treatment.

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Marleigh S.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 star on 6/14/2009

I am a dancer, so I am constantly pushing my body to its limits. Anna has significantly reduced the pain I have felt from various injuries and back problems. My Achilles tendinitis is significantly reduced, if not completely gone. I always feel well rested and relaxed after leaving a treatment. Thank you Anna!

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Lily P.
Ladera Ranch, CA
Rating: 5 star on 6/14/2008

I look forward to all of my visits with Anna. She's incredibly personable and I know that I will have instant 'feel-good' results after just a short time in her office. Not only is she great at what she does, but passionate as well. She is the first acupuncturist I have ever seen and will be the last if I can control it. I feel so well rested after every session with her and she is really knowledgeable about her craft. *love*

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Brittany A.
Los Angeles, CA
Rating: 5 star on 6/12/2009

Wow, Anna is a true healer. I came into see her last December for some chronic back pain I had been experiencing for the last several years. She was able to immediately help me with the pain. I slept like a baby that night...pain was gone. I've since been back for management of pain with a knee injury. She is gentle, affirmative, encouraging, and everything you'd want in a friend, counselor, and accupuncturist. She is very precise and does a great job at massages too. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I wish I could clone her and keep an "Anna" with me at all times, able to administer acupuncture and encouragement 24/7.

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Munchausen B.
Irvine, CA
Rating: 5 star on 6/11/2009

I'll be back.

So my back gave out. My primary care physician (who could be a poster child for why we need healthcare reform) prescribed some pain killers and bed rest. But for a young, virile, active, good looking man like me, bed rest just wasn't going to cut it. A friend of mine recommended Anna, so I decided to check her out. Now, I am pretty skeptical person (actually, other have called me cynical, or even -hi mom- a jerk), so I went in with pretty low expectations. But lo and behold, within minutes of the first pin prick, my back pains subsided. I have no explanation for this (as I do for zombies and leprechauns), but it works. She was also able to help me with my knee problems (ok, maybe I'm not so young, virile and active), and even helped me with my concentration when I was reviewing for a big test. She's really my go-to person for pain management/relief. I recommended her to my boss, and she did wonders for his various aches and pains. Yes, I'm still waiting for that raise.

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Tricia B.
Ladera Ranch, CA
Rating: 5 star on 6/10/2009

I have been seeing Anna Dolopo since August of 2008. I am a patient with a case of atypical PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I came to Anna in search of a natural way to restore hormonal balance and regulate my periods.

With acupuncture once weekly and a Chinese herbal regimen, I saw immense change in the FIRST WEEK. My cycles had been an unhealthy 75 days long. TWO WEEKS after my first treatment, I ovulated and went on to have a normal period. Since then, I have never gone back to a 75 day cycle. With regular treatment, I was consistently cycling every 35 days, once as short as 29.

My overall health improved - I slept soundly and felt inspired to incorporate more whole foods into my diet. I was also very skinny when I met Anna. Within a few months, even though I'd given up a lot of junk food, I actually gained a few pounds and was out of underweight territory.

Aside from my progress, I have to mention Anna's demeanor as a practioner. She is a brilliant healer with a sweet disposition. Her passion for Chinese medicine is unparalleled. My outlook on health and wellness has been forever changed! I truly believe one can NEVER go wrong in seeking Anna's help for what ails them. Anna is here to make you healthier than you ever anticipated, and she delivers!!! Two thumbs way up!

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Anne H.
Laguna Hills, CA
Rating: 5 star Updated - 6/9/2009

I highly recommend Anna N. Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac. as an acupuncturist.

Anna is professional and caring doctor who treats the underling causes of an illness or physical issue and not just the symptoms.

Anna recently treated me for chronic (Urticaria) hives. Chronic hives (lasting longer than six weeks) are rarely due to an allergy. Usually chronic hives have an no known cause. Upward of 30-40% of people with chronic hives have an autoimmune cause.

Previous doctors prescribed antihistamines controlling the outbreaks however could not heal my body from experiencing painful hive attacks. Anna used acupuncture and natural herbs healing my body not from the hives but the underlying condition causing the hives.

For the past several weeks I experienced a 99% improvement in my condition.

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Lindsay T.
Laguna Beach, CA
Rating: 5 star on 6/3/2009

Anna is the best acupuncturist that I have worked with since beginning my journey with acupuncture. She does an excellent job in explaining how the acupuncture works as well as how your symptoms are interpreted via Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After undergoing a series of acupuncture treatments three times a week with an acupuncturist in Austin, Texas, I did not realize what I was missing until I started treatment with Anna. For the first time, I was actually able to feel better as I was undergoing the acupuncture. It was an amazing experience and attests to Anna's skill as an acupuncturist.

I would recommend Anna to all of my friends and family.

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Cathrina W.
Aliso Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 star Updated - 5/31/2009

Anna is heaven sent to me. I have been seeing her since March 21st for other health issues and showing wonderful progress. I mentioned to her I will need to have surgery on my knee to remove a cyst its about the size of a golf ball. It was pretty ugly and painful and I have an upcoming trip in a few months and for cosmetic reasons I did not want to make the trip with my unsightly cyst. She offered to treat it to save me from having to do the surgery. I was really skeptical about it since it was huge and I have had it over 2 years. I had my treatment on a Sunday May 24th and by Wednesday May 27th my ugly painful cyst has literally vanished if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't have known I had a cyst there. It has gone down by 98%.I went to back today to get another treatment and I think this will pretty much get rid of it forever. Oh by the way I'm calling my ortho surgeon first thing Monday morning and cancel my surgery. I no longer need it and to think people use to laugh at me that I am wasting my time on acupuncture. I am living proof it works!!

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Angel Y.
Lake Forest, CA
Rating: 5 star on 5/20/2009

Anna is an amazing healer! I was initially seeing her for pain in my arm that had become worse over the years. A few months after my arm treatments, I happened to break my ankle and was in a cast. Within a few days of being in the cast, I started experiencing an acute pain deep in the bone. I mentioned it to the Western doctor who was treating me and he only laughed and answered "What do you expect? You just broke a bone!" During one of my treatments with Anna, I mentioned the doctor's reply. She immediately wanted to treat this acute pain in my leg. Obviously, she couldn't use needles in that specific area since it was blocked off by a cast. However, she was able to make the pain subside instantly by inserting needles in another area (balance method)!! I was truly amazed. I only had 1 treatment from Anna for that pain and it has NEVER returned!

You rock, Anna! Mahalo nui loa, sistah!

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Lindsey M.
Irvine, CA
Rating: 5 star on 5/19/2009

I have known Anna for the last 5 years when I helped her birth her daughter into this world. Since then Anna has become a trusted practitioner and colleague.

I can always count that my clients are in good hands with Anna when I send them for any type of pregnancy related issue. Not only do I trust Anna with my clients, she is also become a trusted member of our "family". Whenever anyone in my family is sick, she is the first person I call and confide in on their road to recovery.

My dad was suffering with a severe case of pneumonia and I actually feared his life. I immediately took him to Anna and within days he was cured!

Now she is treating me in my pregnancy and she has helped ease all of my aches and pains as well as provided a sacred space to help me bond with my baby. She even guessed his sex right with Chinese Medicine! I whole heartily recommend Anna to anyone! She is a godsend! :)

Many Blessings,
Lindsey Meehleis-Matthews

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Deborah B.
Laguna Hills, CA
Rating: 5 star on 5/18/2009

Hi Anna,

You're so much more than an acupuncturist because of times when you've invited me (and my dog) in for an herbal consultation, a nice cup of mint tea, delicious lemon cake and just plain good ol' conversation. And when I find myself sick (which we both know happens quite often because of my terrible immune system and too many crazy nights out), you are there for me in every way. Of course there's the usual acupuncture treatment that kicks in within a day, then there's the herbs that cover what acupuncture couldn't...but beyond that, there's your support. I certainly don't know many other health professionals that would take such good care of me when I'm ill, but then again, I wouldn't just consider you a health professional. I would consider you a friend. You're fabulous!


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Tim W.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 star on 5/12/2009

Anna is my first and only acupuncturist.

As an Engineer I realized the needle size Anna is working with and was shocked at how it altered my pain. I had heard from my daughter Nicole about the work Anna is doing and felt in the right place to try something to relieve the pain in my elbows.

I was surprised at how much pressure can be applied at specified points of the the body utilizing such a small instrument. I had taken my daughter Nicole, as a young child, to an acupuncturist to reverse the affects of TMJ and now she has returned the favor.

The pain in one elbow was gone 100% and the other which was worse the pain had subsided over 75%. Thank You Anna!

Tim Westhoff, IMAGINE

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Matthew G.
San Clemente, CA
Rating: 5 star on 5/11/2009

I am a local acupuncturist down in San Clemente and I met Anna about 2 years ago while we both worked as massage therapist at Burke Williams Day Spa. As soon as I met her, I knew we would be friends. She has an incredible energy about her. She's enthusiastic without being obnoxious or preachy about her passion, Chinese Medicine. We have been trading services now for more than a year and she's the best acupuncturist I've been to. I love the Balance Method and now use some of her techniques at my office (I tease her and say that she's my Dr. Tan). Honestly, every time I leave her office, I feel better than when I walked in. She is a true healer; learned, compassionate, skilled, and present. When you are on her table, you are all she is thinking about. You will always get her best, and that's pretty darn good! Consider yourself lucky to be one of her patients because you are really in very good hands. Thanks for always taking such good care of me, Anna.

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Maria A.
San Francisco, CA
Rating: 5 star on 5/6/2009

I met Anna Dolopo via a referral from a friend of a friend for an acupuncturist for my mother. My mother was diagnosed with scleraderma last year and was in very bad shape. I was entirely grateful to meet Anna and have her treat my mother after seeing what a wonderful, positive human being she is. She always made my mother feel better, stronger and more sure of herself. Every visit gave my mother a sense of hope and well being. Whenever we brought my mother to Anna's we were also made to feel welcome and part of her family. Her warmth, beauty and calmness comes from within as well as from without, and I believe gives her patients motivation to do better, feel stronger, and grow healthier. The tender care and kindness she has shown my mother - who needed it very badly - along with that ever-present positive attitude - will always be appreciated by our family. I cannot recommend Anna strongly enough!