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Testimonials - sinus infection

Hi Anna,

I was reading a story on CNN.com about children and teachers were getting sick during the school year with repeated upper repository infections along with ear and sinus infections. My 1st thought was the schools should be checked to see why anyone was getting ill that often; my 2nd thought was how acupuncture and Chinese herbs could help heal these infections and strengthen the immune systems of all. :)

You treated me several times over the past year for ear and sinus infections; one always seemed to lead to the other and you would treat me for both. Acupuncture relieved the pressure in my head, the fluid in my ears and generally made me feel better each time you treated me. Having the pain from the infection drop by 50% and stay down for a day or two afterwards really helped me feel better and I know heal more quickly from the infections. You treated not only the symptoms but the underlying infection as well. Instead of being on antibiotics for 10 or 20 days, rarely did 1 round of antibiotics end the infection, I saw you 3 or 4 times and took Chinese herbs for about a week and was cured! The herbs have no side effects, no warning labels and no allergic reaction precautions. The acupuncture was relaxing and I rarely felt the needles. You would poke me, turn on the heating pad, place a hot pack on top of me and let me sleep while the acupuncture worked!

Since you have been working on boosting my immune system these past few months, I did not get the winter bug that went around work and was off for vacation by choice not by illness!

Thank you Anna!



Hi Anna,

We quickly judge failure or success based on limited time frames. We want results not just now but yesterday; if something takes time and energy; we often don’t put forth the effort.

I came to you with a severe case of pneumonia and a sinus infection which 10 days of antibiotics should have cured; this turned into 20 days on antibiotics and no improvement. I thought alternative medicine would be the great quick fix. You explained up front this is not a quick fix but therapy and we would be healing my body of the root causes of the diseases. I thought great; fix me up quick and I will be on my way with my life, no longer down and dealing with side effects of antibiotics; as you can read—I did not want to hear what you said about therapy, I wanted the quick fix like everyone else. In my mind I thought 1 or 2 treatments and boom all better. This was what I heard (well not sure from where), but everyone knows this stuff just works really fast and takes very little time and I would get all better without any real effort on my part. Then it reality hit me…….

The first treatment for the pneumonia and sinus infection showed no improvement at all; I was still coughing, congested, wheezing and feeling really ill. You said to give it a few more treatments and also discussed herbs with me; I agreed to take the herbs as well. From treatments 2 to about 8; there was almost zero improvement, in fact I seemed to be getting worse and went back to the doctor who only said; more antibiotics but since I had already been on them for 20 days, I did not think another round would help much.

You treated me again with more needles and more herbs determined to get me healthy. The truth started sinking in that my health would take time no matter how I tackled it. I could give up the herbs and acupuncture, go back to the doctor and get more antibiotics which gave a ton of side effects and probably at this rate take another month or two at least to improve my health or I can keep coming for acupuncture. I experienced no side effects from the herbs or acupuncture and enjoyed the nap I was getting each time I came in and decided to try it a while longer. Then about the 10th treatment I noticed I was a little better, it was getting easier to breathe again and my congestion had lessened. This was an extremely slow, uphill battle the entire way with very slow and incremental improvements. I think by the time we did treatment 20 I was starting to feel a little more human. It was probably close to 30 treatments before I was over the pneumonia and sinus infection. Then I was on herbs for several more months and saw you in maintenance mode for a while to keep my immune system strong.

Thank you for your diligence in keeping me healthy and encouraging me on the long journey!

A. H.


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