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Testimonials - Qi gong


Well I have come to a new path in my life with you, And that is your class of Qi Gong.

The first one was easy. The second was harder, but it sure had great results. I slept so hard and peaceful, that night. It was great. I said to myself. You have to keep doing this with Anna. And I will.

Today was easier. Now everyday I start with a few of the moves to get me going for the day. And it sure makes it easier for the rest of the day. I’m going to start doing some at night after dinner.

Anna, you have changed so much in my life. You are so wonderful and giving to all the people you take care of. And there are more that will be coming your way. You can re-word this if you want to.

Huggs & Love to You and Family,
- Guy

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