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Testimonials - preventive medicine

I am very happy to say that I would recommend Anna to everyone I know and then some. I feel that she is one of the greatest persons around that could take care of all your pain and suffering. She can change your life for the better. I know because she has changed me for the better.


I have been seeing Anna for about 2 years now and have received 162 treatments thus far.  I would never consider seeing any other Chinese practitioner.

Just think about what you have done to your mind and body over the years. I mean really think about. I did and if I had to do it again, I would change a lot.  First of all, I would not have started smoking.  Just face it.  Would you change a few things if you could?  I would.

The positive changes she has done for me are great. I went in for the first time to see her to see if she could take care of my hand and neck. Today my neck is great. My hand is about 95% better. The medical doctors could not do anything about my pain and tingling except to operate on my neck to fix the problem. I said, “No way.”  That was the beginning with Anna.

Every time I see Anna, she asks me, “How are you doing?” and I tell her what is going on with me physically, mentally and emotionally.  Then she puts her great hands and pins to work.  I feel great afterwards.

I highly recommend Anna for what ever your problem is.

If you have any questions regarding Anna’s skills as a healer, please contact me through Anna. I will be more than happy to talk to you.

Guy R. Webb


Dear Anna,

I want to thank you for my treatment this weekend. I feel so great! Both my acupuncture and massage have helped me to start my resolution to take care of my body BEFORE I get sick or need special treatment. You are so accommodating with your hours, and I appreciate it. Again, thank you for your wonderful work!


- Catherine J Smith


I have benefited from my acupuncture treatments for problems that I had with my back. I started the treatments when I had 3 herniated discs on my back. The acupuncture treatments really helped me to achieve less pain and live a normal and healthy life. Anna was very personable and provided herbs and treatments that really helped me achieve not using a heating pad or heavy doses of medication to just live a normal life. I would recommend acupuncture treatments to those needing a solution before you resort to surgery.

- Jorge Barcia

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