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Testimonials - pRE-surgical care

Hi Anna,

I hope all is well with you. First and foremost, little Simon is absolutely perfect!! We have been home a week from the hospital and it has been nothing short of magical. I can't thank you enough for the treatments that you gave me in preparation for my delivery. Even though we were unable to turn Simon, whatever you did to treat me for the C-Section did wonders for my body. I had NO pain after the surgery. I took a few Motrins for the inflammation however never ever needed anything stronger. The nursing staff was astonished and no one could believe that I wasn't in pain.

As for the C-Section itself, even though it was not my first choice, it was still very special. The anesthesiologist encouraged me to watch the birth and I am so glad that I did. It was a surreal experience. My doctor completely respected my wishes to have Simon given to me right away and I had him in my arms within a minute of his birth. My husband documented the whole thing in photos and if you have time, there is a link to the Facebook Album for you to see.

I am so happy that our paths crossed Anna, the work you are doing for people is invaluable and I can't imagine how different my experience would have been had I have not been treated by you. I am sure I will see you again in the future.

Sending you lots of love!
Mama and Papa of Baby Simon


I wanted to finally write a testimonial for all the help that I have received. I first started acupuncture treatments with Anna in June 2010. Before this, I had never had any experience with acupuncture, and while I was open-minded, I didn't know what to expect. I had just been diagnosed with inflammation of the gallbladder, and I was concerned that I would have to have surgery. Unfortunately, my condition was too acute to prevent surgery altogether at that point. I had never had any kind of surgery before, and I was very nervous about it. I came in for treatments twice a week, and then had four treatments the week before the surgery.

Checking in to the hospital on the morning of the surgery, I was surprisingly calm about the whole situation. I should mention that another condition that Anna is helping me with is anxiety, so the fact that I was so calm is no small feat. In our treatments leading up to my surgery, Anna and I had talks about my nervousness in anticipation of the surgery. She told me that she was working on that with the treatments, and it really did seem to help a lot. Even my family noticed that I seemed very calm and focused.

The recovery phase was the most pleasant surprise. My doctors had told me to expect pain for about a week after surgery, and that I should be on pain medicine for about that amount of time. Further, I would need to stay the night in the hospital, and it would be best for me to try to get on my feet and walk at some point in that first evening, if I was able.

Well, I was on my feet within an hour of being wheeled out of recovery, and walking laps around my hospital floor an hour after that. The nurses were very pleased and very surprised at my level of progress. I was almost released that evening due to my expedited progress, but the doctor wasn't on hand to sign the release papers until the next morning. And instead of being on pain meds for a week, I was off of the medication within 2 days. I could have probably been off the medication on my first day out of the hospital, but I couldn't believe that my pain level was so low. I was worried that as soon as I stopped taking the medication that I would be in immense pain, but that wasn't the case at all.

During my recovery, especially that first night, I kept thinking that I was so glad that I had the acupuncture treatments beforehand – there is no other explanation as to why I exceeded everyone's expectations in getting better. I still receive acupuncture Anna for a few other issues, and she has helped me in many ways. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Anna to friends or family.


Every woman's journey in becoming a mother is a individual and personal experience - my was challenging. But through the help of Anna my pregnancy became tolerable and then finally enjoyable. Anna helped me with the undisclosed or non-discussed parts of pregnancy that women don't talk about - and endure with shame or angst. Anna understood the discomforts associated with pregnancy - the lack of sleep, backaches, pelvic pain, nausea, balance issues, exhaustion and so much more. I remember that with one treatment she had my hemorrhoids under control - my OB was impressed! And in another treatment she stopped my leg cramps - my husband was impressed! Especially because I would wake him up in the middle of the night in pain trying to get out of bed.

Through the later part of my pregnancy she prepared my body and mind for preparation of a c-section - while not the most widely accepted form of giving birth this was the safest for the baby and me. My c-section experience was amazing - I was discharged a day early I was on not pain medication from 1 day after surgery My recovery was quick and uncomplicated My scar healed like a scratch - Amazing!

I attribute all of this to the work Anna did on preparing me. Her ability to offer my body comfort and healing through acupuncture allowed me to enjoy the very early moments of my daughter life - one I would not have if I was on pain medications or worse... I got to bond with my daughter and I am grateful for the preparedness that Anna provided to me.


When I learned I was to have abdominal hernia surgery I talked with Anna about treating it with acupuncture. She said she could help ease the recovery time by treating it both in advance and afterwards. Anna started treating me about two months before the surgery. In recovery I awoke very easily and was able to walk, unassisted, to the restroom and never had any feeling of nausea. I was written a prescription for paid medication but DID NOT NEED ANY. Anna has treated me a few times so far afterwards and I feel fine, other than that I cannot do any heavy lifting, per the doctors orders.

- Jasmin Putnam

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