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Testimonials - numbness

My name is Ben and I have been to Anna for 10 sessions. I have been suffering from back pain , shoulder pain , and my leg falls asleep. This is all due to several accidents car, motor cycle , and skiing needless to say I have not taken very good care of my self, but after Anna helped turn my sisters baby I thought i would give her a try. Since I have been going for treatment I have no pain in my shoulder, back pain has been decreased by 90%, my leg Leg problem has also decresed by 75%. In addition I was smoking a pack a day or more now im down to 2 a day ..............Thanks Anna


Thank you, Anna, for greatly improving the feeling in my feet. For the last several years I have been experiencing a constant numbness in my feet that makes walking feel clunky. This numbness was primarily in my left foot, my right foot was considerably less severe. This condition also aggravated my body balance. I have always been thankful for good health, the one exception was colon cancer in 1994, and have enjoyed traveling, exercising, plenty of yard work and home maintenance. I received 18 treatments between September 14 and October 9, 2009. The polyneuropathy in my left foot has a 60% improvement and my right foot a 90% improvement. I would like to thank our friend, one of your current clients, for referring me to you. Thank you again for your personal touch and acupuncture skills that are improving health and well being for those availing themselves of your services.

Jim G


January 23, 2009

In April of 2006, at the age of 25, I was fortunate enough to meet Anna Dolopo. A dear friend, who had never been to her, saw her card at Dr. Whelan’s office and suggested I go and see if acupuncture could help with my neck pain. I must tell you that I was not necessarily a believer in acupuncture. After much deliberation I figured, why not? It could only help.

The Issue

One night, four years earlier, I was fighting a head cold and decided to sleep with pillows propped under my neck to keep my nasal passage somewhat clear. The next morning I awoke with a pain in my neck like no other. I was unable to sit for more than a few minutes without crying out in pain. At times my pinkie and ring finger on my left hand often became tingly or numb. I went to a physical therapist for months. He did a number of different exercises which seemed to lessen the pain, although it never went away. Finally, I had and MRI that revealed I had a slipped disc between my C-5 and C-6 vertebrae in my neck. Eventually I bought a Saunders Home Traction Unit so that I could put my neck in traction everyday…this helped to manage the pain and eventually I could sit for long periods of time.

The Solution

Skip forward to April 2006. I explained all of my neck history to Anna who basically said, “Come see me 3 times a week and I will hopefully be able to get rid of your neck pain.” Like many non-believers, I thought she was nuts! I was compliant but not expecting anything. I saw Anna 3 times a week for a couple of months, slowly dwindling down to a couple times a week and then once a week for a total of about a year. It only took a week or two for my neck pain to reduce by at least half. While I was seeing Anna regularly, very rarely did I ever feel neck pain. As of today I no longer use the traction unit and see her on occasion for a “tune up”. I am now a firm believer in acupuncture and will tell anyone who will listen that Anna is a great healer and we are all lucky to have her services.

- Samantha Klassen


I started seeing Anna about two months ago after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease known as Guillian Barre. I was diagnosed with this disease that made me feel like I was much older than the 18 years that I am. It started with extremely sharp pains that went from my lower back and shot down into my leg, after that my feet went completely numb and I lost my reflexes in them, the left side of my face became completely paralyzed, and my fingers were constantly tingling. I was told that all of these symptoms would take about a year or longer to completely heal. After seeing multiple doctors and finding out there was nothing that western medicines could do for me, I started seeing Anna two to three times a week. By about the second week of treatment the pain in my lower back and leg was completely gone and about six weeks into my treatments the numbness of my feet and tingling in my hands was 90-95% improved. The paralysis in my face was what I wanted to focus on the most after the pain was gone. Now after seeing Anna for about two months my face has improved about 95%.

Seeing so much improvement, through Anna’s help, in such a short time really showed me that acupuncture works. Even my neurologist was surprised at how quickly I was healing. After the first couple weeks of treatment I was already feeling a lot better and the progress that was gave me so much more encouragement to keep going to my treatments. I am so grateful, everyday, for everything that Anna has done for me and that she was placed in my life at this critical time. I have so much more energy and I am still continuing to see improvements with one treatment a week. Almost 100% improvement in two months is more than I could have ever asked for!

Anna, thank you for everything that you have done for me.

- Elizabeth Kerr


Dear Anna,

I came to you about 7-8 weeks ago because I just wanted to feel better than I had back then. I had some problems. My left hand seem to go to sleep and now it's about 65% better.

Now here is a real plus for me. You had asked me if I smoked and I said, "Yes." You asked if I wanted to quit. And I said, "Yes." During this time that I have been seeing you, which is about 3-4 times a week, I have gone from 2 packs a day to now 2-3 cigarettes a day. I would say that is super, super great! I have smoked for over 50 years. You have done more for me on smoking that anybody else. For those who are reading this, I am 65 years old.

I believe people have put themselves where they are today by doing the wrong things. Those issues cannot be fixed over night or with a magic pill.

My eating habits were okay before I came to you, but because of you, I am eating better now and feeling so much better, too.

I began asking questions since the day I met you. You are providing the answers. One only has to listen to the answers and decide. What you provide is your knowledge and all the years of acupuncture and everything else you have learned over the years. I tell people about what you can provide and I recommend your services to them.

When I get to the point that I don't have to come anymore, it would be great. I don't know right now when that will be because when I come in, it is so relaxing and I feel great. You are kind, considerate, sincere, caring, understanding and willing to do what it take to make people feel better physically and strengthen their self-esteem. You give that extra mile and more. I feel I will be a long time practice member under your care, even if it's just 3-4 times a month.

God Bless You,
- Guy R. Webb

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