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Testimonials - insomnia

Thank you for the follow up. "B" is doing extremely well. His liver finally hit the number for him to be declared "healthy." He is playing football and enjoying his junior year in high school. As a family, we are happy to write a testimonial on your website. Please just let us know how to do it. We are also happy to refer you to anybody that will listen. We can never thank you enough for helping B in his recovery.

Mr. & Mrs. "J"

(Practitioner’s notes)
Jaundice, Slow healing liver, Itching, Difficulty Sleeping
Liver disease caused by Anabolic steroids
MDs gave him 1+ year to heal.

Treated 5 times by ME. After 4th treatment: Itching 100% improved. Sleeping 100% improved. Jaundice 95% improved. Bilirubin level decreased from 45 to 30 to 10 from 1st to the 4th treatment (it should be under a 1). According to the email from patient's parents below, his liver is HEALTHY after a total of 5 treatments. The doctors gave the 16-year old patient a very poor prognosis, stating that this slow-healing part of the liver would take 1+ year to heal (with medications). I initially asked for 6-9 months (claiming that I hope to decrease healing time from 25-50%; I obviously underestimated Dr. Tan's Balance method because it took me a TOTAL OF 5 TREATMENTS to earn this letter). Doctors absolutely don't believe that the acupuncture had anything to do with the improvement during the 2.5 weeks the patient was under my care. If you would like a personal update, the parents clearly stated below that they are willing to speak for my work.


Thanks for all you do and for balancing my Qi as my life tends to un-balance my Qi from time to time. The first time I came in 2 years ago, I had anxiety that was very frequent and really disturbed me that I just felt un-easy.  Today, I feel more relaxed and I rarely have any anxiety.  Accupunture has made my day to day life very balanced.  Once in awhile, I like getting a tune-up and also for other issues I may be having (naseau, digestive issues, insomnia, headaches, sore knee, etc.) during my life journey.  Each time, An has helped ease all the symptoms.

I always look forward to my accupunture appointment as it has also healed me and I know I am in good hands..=)


I just celebrated my 32nd session with Anna.  We’ve been working on a host of health issues, as well as some emotional turmoil.  She has cured my hypoglycemia, reduced my anxiety to nothing, and keeps my tendonitis at bay.  I can count on her skill to clear my mind, help me sleep at night, and regulate a life-long menstrual battle.  She’s a terrific healer and I’m happy to drive 40+ miles to see her.  

One thing that has resisted change has been that special spark deep within me.  What twenty-something year old woman doesn’t want to feel a rush of excitement now and again?  Today, I am giddy to say, I actually had a libido.  Anna’s well-placed needles have proven, yet again, just how powerful they are.  I would say it’s a ‘miracle,’ but I would never want to dismiss Anna’s obvious expertise, nor her sincere dedication to her patients.  Anna, you rock.  

(Now, where can I find someone to rock my socks off!?  *wink, wink*)

- L


Every woman's journey in becoming a mother is a individual and personal experience - my was challenging. But through the help of Anna my pregnancy became tolerable and then finally enjoyable. Anna helped me with the undisclosed or non-discussed parts of pregnancy that women don't talk about - and endure with shame or angst. Anna understood the discomforts associated with pregnancy - the lack of sleep, backaches, pelvic pain, nausea, balance issues, exhaustion and so much more. I remember that with one treatment she had my hemorrhoids under control - my OB was impressed! And in another treatment she stopped my leg cramps - my husband was impressed! Especially because I would wake him up in the middle of the night in pain trying to get out of bed.

Through the later part of my pregnancy she prepared my body and mind for preparation of a c-section - while not the most widely accepted form of giving birth this was the safest for the baby and me. My c-section experience was amazing - I was discharged a day early I was on not pain medication from 1 day after surgery My recovery was quick and uncomplicated My scar healed like a scratch - Amazing!

I attribute all of this to the work Anna did on preparing me. Her ability to offer my body comfort and healing through acupuncture allowed me to enjoy the very early moments of my daughter life - one I would not have if I was on pain medications or worse... I got to bond with my daughter and I am grateful for the preparedness that Anna provided to me.


I slept like a baby last night which hasn’t happened in quite some time. I went to bed early around 8:30 and didn’t wake up until 7:00 AM which for me is a HUGE accomplishment!


Author’s note:
(Investment to take his pain away dramatically with just one treatment AND sleep like a baby: $100.  I’ll keep you updated when this patient GRADUATES from pain.)

This patient came in for his first treatment yesterday for severe, chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. He had surgery to alleviate the pain, but the pain has gotten worse.  Compounded with his years of insomnia that Ambien can no longer help, he decided to seek Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture therapy from yours truly.

Within minutes of inserting the needles as taught to me by Dr. Tan (nowhere near the location of pain), his pain was significantly reduced.  “I don’t feel my pain right now,” the new patient stated during his treatment.  When asked at the end of his therapy if he had expected such dramatic results, he admitted that he did not.

My husband referred this patient to me and explained that this friend of his can be a skeptic.  I’m so happy that I was able to produce great results with the Balance Method.  Skeptic he is no longer!

My new patient’s two other chief complaints included years of insomnia and sinus issues.  We’ll see how the sinus condition improves, but you see what the results are from the testimonial above.  The patient explained that he had not slept a whole night undisturbed for years.  I expecting that several treatments may be required to help his insomnia, but he apparently made progress with just one treatment!

…as a side note, I have a patient with an autoimmune condition.  She is being tested for Meniere’s Disease.  This patient has to in for allergy shots also.  She has found that during her therapy with me, she doesn’t need to go in for allergy shots as often.  Her sinuses have greatly improved!  She didn’t want to say today that her allergies are gone, but she was happy to state that we have significantly made progress with her sinus allergies!  She can finally breathe so much better.  Go Dr. Tan’s Balance Method!


Thank you so much Anna for helping me to ease my anxiety. Following my very traumatic and near deadly car accident, and then the tragic loss of my best friend, I have had recurring anxiety that has kept me from sleeping and caused difficulties in my normal daily activities, as well as my relationships. It didn't take long after seeing you for the anxious feelings to subside...maybe a couple of months at most. Since it went away, it's very rare that I feel any bit of anxiety. But when life gets challenging (as it will do sometimes), it doesn't take more than one visit to calm my nerves and help me cope. And your fantastic words of advice are an added benefit. The best part about the anxiety points that you do is that during this treatment, I sleep better than ever!

Have a great weekend,

- Deb



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