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Testimonials - immune system

Hi Anna,

I was reading a story on CNN.com about children and teachers were getting sick during the school year with repeated upper repository infections along with ear and sinus infections. My 1st thought was the schools should be checked to see why anyone was getting ill that often; my 2nd thought was how acupuncture and Chinese herbs could help heal these infections and strengthen the immune systems of all. :)

You treated me several times over the past year for ear and sinus infections; one always seemed to lead to the other and you would treat me for both. Acupuncture relieved the pressure in my head, the fluid in my ears and generally made me feel better each time you treated me. Having the pain from the infection drop by 50% and stay down for a day or two afterwards really helped me feel better and I know heal more quickly from the infections. You treated not only the symptoms but the underlying infection as well. Instead of being on antibiotics for 10 or 20 days, rarely did 1 round of antibiotics end the infection, I saw you 3 or 4 times and took Chinese herbs for about a week and was cured! The herbs have no side effects, no warning labels and no allergic reaction precautions. The acupuncture was relaxing and I rarely felt the needles. You would poke me, turn on the heating pad, place a hot pack on top of me and let me sleep while the acupuncture worked!

Since you have been working on boosting my immune system these past few months, I did not get the winter bug that went around work and was off for vacation by choice not by illness!

Thank you Anna!


The infection is 100% better. The pain I felt when it started was awful and I thought would never end. I cannot believe that an antibiotic (or a string of antibiotic doses) that a DOCTOR prescribed could cause such an adverse reaction. Now that I've read up on this particular medicine - Cipro - I wish that I would have done so before putting it in my body. The side effects seem far worse than the benefits do.

As you know, with my weakened immune system, I tend to get bladder infections anytime a doctor puts me on antibiotics. (for sinus infections, colds, etc.) The medicine to treat the bladder infection then leads to a yeast infection, requiring yet another dose of medicine. I've found that the V-Statin herbs treat both infections much quicker and more painlessly than any prescribed medicine has. This last time on the Cipro, however, (when my doctor said this was the only way to treat my sinus infection, despite my concerns to him) my body must have had it with medicine because it feel as though I had both infections at the same time and severe! Apologies that this is graphic and maybe gross, but I could not even urinate because it hurt so bad. Obviously I was concerned not only with the pain but what more could this be? My OB-GYN ran some tests and found absolutely NO infection or other problem, just odd symptoms. She did not want to put me on any medicine, as in her opinion, nothing was wrong with me.

Here's where I turn to you. I believe I was in for 2-3 sessions a week for a few weeks and follow-up, along with taking the V-Statin for a month and weaning off of it. It took about 2-3 weeks for the immense pain to subside, but now, less than two months later, I'm 100% better and couldn't be happier. I'm also positive I will never take antibiotics again.

Anna, thank you for the support, both physically and mentally. This was an odd health situation and a very uncomfortable one for a woman to discuss. You're understanding, sensitivity, and advice to be consistent with my herbs, acupuncture and better eating helped to keep my motivated. I continued to imagine myself healthy and knew that I would get better. It was only time...and I did. And now, I'm continuing to make efforts in my diet and maintaining my health by paying attention to what I put into my body.

Please feel free to use the above as a testimonial for your website, emails, etc. I am so grateful to you for your help and support, and I am happy to share it with others.



Hey Anna,

I actually noticed a bit of a difference after taking the Magnolia Clear Sinus for only a few days so I am definitely going to continue taking them!

I am also very interested in the Immune + that you gave me as it sounds like just what I need to fend off all the sickies in my office.

I want to do whatever I can to improve my overall health and well-being so if there are any other herbs you would suggest, I would be more than happy to discuss adding them as well. It's certainly a far cry from having to go to the doctor all the time and missing days of work due to the same illness!

Thanks for everything, I am really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!



I thought I would share this and maybe I am unique in my situation or not? Please share with others as appropriate.

I worked with Anna for the past several years on various health issues and usually during the treatment I "feel" nothing. I hear Anna tell people about the symptoms they might experience while lying on tables but me well I just fell asleep. Perhaps you are like me, you come in; tell Anna your health issues, get stuck with some needles and lay there. The most interesting thing that happens is I get cold and well I just chalk that up to I get cold easily and don't think twice about it. I find acupuncture simple to do and while I "feel" nothing during the treatment yet I am a lot healthier then every before in my life.

I hear others talking about how their bodies react to acupuncture, how sometimes their face itches or they get really hot during the treatment; how electricity seems to shoot down a leg and other similar things. Me, I just take a nap and wake up feeling better then when I went to sleep.

I am sharing this because I am a lot healthier. I graduated from back pain, strengthened my immune system, reduced my stress levels (while keeping the same crazy lifestyle) and lost weight. I did all of this while sleeping on a treatment table "feeling" nothing. Perhaps you are like me and feel nothing while on the treatment table; it is OK we are special and unique and just because we don't feel anything doesn't mean it is not working.

Over the course of time I got healthy and so will you. Christ, my Lord and Savior, gave me an amazing doctor in Anna. God gave Anna an amazing gift to help heal our bodies with a bunch of tiny needles. Take this time and opportunity to get healthy.

....Feels nothing but is a whole lot healthier every day!


Hi Anna,

We quickly judge failure or success based on limited time frames. We want results not just now but yesterday; if something takes time and energy; we often don’t put forth the effort.

I came to you with a severe case of pneumonia and a sinus infection which 10 days of antibiotics should have cured; this turned into 20 days on antibiotics and no improvement. I thought alternative medicine would be the great quick fix. You explained up front this is not a quick fix but therapy and we would be healing my body of the root causes of the diseases. I thought great; fix me up quick and I will be on my way with my life, no longer down and dealing with side effects of antibiotics; as you can read—I did not want to hear what you said about therapy, I wanted the quick fix like everyone else. In my mind I thought 1 or 2 treatments and boom all better. This was what I heard (well not sure from where), but everyone knows this stuff just works really fast and takes very little time and I would get all better without any real effort on my part. Then it reality hit me…….

The first treatment for the pneumonia and sinus infection showed no improvement at all; I was still coughing, congested, wheezing and feeling really ill. You said to give it a few more treatments and also discussed herbs with me; I agreed to take the herbs as well. From treatments 2 to about 8; there was almost zero improvement, in fact I seemed to be getting worse and went back to the doctor who only said; more antibiotics but since I had already been on them for 20 days, I did not think another round would help much.

You treated me again with more needles and more herbs determined to get me healthy. The truth started sinking in that my health would take time no matter how I tackled it. I could give up the herbs and acupuncture, go back to the doctor and get more antibiotics which gave a ton of side effects and probably at this rate take another month or two at least to improve my health or I can keep coming for acupuncture. I experienced no side effects from the herbs or acupuncture and enjoyed the nap I was getting each time I came in and decided to try it a while longer. Then about the 10th treatment I noticed I was a little better, it was getting easier to breathe again and my congestion had lessened. This was an extremely slow, uphill battle the entire way with very slow and incremental improvements. I think by the time we did treatment 20 I was starting to feel a little more human. It was probably close to 30 treatments before I was over the pneumonia and sinus infection. Then I was on herbs for several more months and saw you in maintenance mode for a while to keep my immune system strong.

Thank you for your diligence in keeping me healthy and encouraging me on the long journey!

A. H.


Anna has completely changed my life for the better.

Last year was not my year.  In January 2008, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis, which also caused severe jaundice.  While the fever and jaundice disappeared relatively quickly, I remained fatigued for months and my immune system was shot.  Over the next year and a half, I would be constantly sick with either a cold or the flu.  At 26 years of age, my doctor told me that I would be feeling the effects of mono for years to come.  She offered no advice as to how to remain well – illness was simply something I would have to ‘live with.’

At the same time, my normal vaginal discharge morphed into a yogurt-like consistency.  This change happened over the course of 2 days, so I was immediately aware of the problem.  My doctor dismissed my claims, concluding that it was a temporary issue that would go away on its own.  I did research, made changes, tried every naturopathic remedy I came across, but discovered no relief.  After being referred to an OB/GYN, I still found no empathy or solution. Last month (October 2009), my physician suggested that I go on anti-depressants so I would stop thinking about this problem, since it ‘doesn’t affect [me].’  Needless to say, I refused her pharmaceuticals.

To add insult to injury, on October 31, 2008, a careless driver plowed into my car at a stop sign, leaving me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  While EMDR (a specialized type of psychotherapy) alleviated the acute symptoms, I developed generalized anxiety.  My life as a graduate student and full-time employee was, to say the least, negatively affected.  The smallest of changes would create chaos: I couldn’t work on my thesis, I would periodically (and without reason) break out in tears at my desk, and household chores became torturous.  Visiting the gym was out of the question.  Friends noted that I wasn’t myself and family wondered why I wasn’t visiting with the same regularity.  Psychotherapy helped, but it didn’t cut it.  My therapist suggested I try acupuncture to move my energy around.  The results have been life changing.

In just four sessions, my anxiety was greatly reduced.  Having just finished my tenth session, I am happy to report that I am 90% better.   I’m now able to get through my days, work on my thesis, and still have the mental fortitude to walk my dog in the evening.  (Mojo, especially, thanks you for this, Anna!) My entire office has been sick with the flu this season, but I haven’t had so much as a cough.  My immune system seems to be functional again. We’re still working on the abnormal discharge, but I have no doubt that Anna, if anyone, will be able to rid me of this awful affliction.

What is, perhaps, the most remarkable thing about Anna is her attitude.  She refuses to let her patients live with problems that cause them pain – either emotionally or physically.  She has never dismissed my concerns or told me I would simply have to ‘live with’ something.  Her premise is that one’s mind, as well as body, must be healthy to be whole.  So, while I went to her with three major quandaries, we’re also looking at other on-going issues I’ve endured.  From tendonitis to sadness from a breakup, Anna continues to help me find the ‘me’ that has been missing for so long.  I have energy I haven’t had in years, dedication I lost on All Hallows Eve, and peace of mind that I will be 100% one day soon.  She has even helped reduce my addiction to food – I consume significantly less at every meal and have fewer compulsions to eat.  Her intuitive talent with needles, generosity of heart, and ability to connect will not soon be forgotten.


I am a firm believer of acupunture, yet I didn't realize how powerful it can be...

Two weeks ago, I started having a scratchy throat and conjested sinus. With the cold/flu season starting and all the news about H1N1, I was worried about getting sick. I got an appointment with Anna and asked her to boost my immune and "make me feel good.” She did just that! Two or three days after my appointment, I noticed all my cold/flu symptoms were gone. Wow!

Thank you, Anna.



Thank you so much for making the extra effort to see me yesterday. It did make a big difference with the herbs and acu. I started to feel human again last nite around 5/6pm. Elijah asked me why I didn't go to the doctor and I told I did go to my doctor. Her name is Anna, she's Gily's Mom. So thanks again, doc.

- G.M.


Hi Anna,

Thanks for having me over yesterday for herbs, tea and delicious lemon cake!!! You're so much more than an acupuncturist because of times like these...inviting me (and my dog) in for an herbal consultation, a nice cup of mint tea and just plain good ol' conversation. And when I find myself sick (which we both know happens quite often because of my terrible immune system and too many crazy nights out), you are there for me in every way. Of course there's the usual acupuncture treatment that kicks in within a day, then there's the herbs that cover what acupuncture couldn't...but beyond that, there's your support. I certainly don't know many other health professionals that would take such good care of me when I'm ill, but then again, I wouldn't just consider you a health professional. I would consider you a friend. You're fabulous!



Hi Anna,
You have treated me a great deal for stress; so I did some research and realized the only reason I am healthy at all today and not blown over by every cold or flu that walks in the door of my office is because of acupuncture.  So I wrote this up for you.

From Wikipedia.org

In 1967, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe examined the medical records of over 5,000 medical patients as a way to determine whether stressful events might cause illnesses. Patients were asked to tally a list of 43 life events based on a relative score. A positive 0.1 correlation was found between their life events and their illnesses.

Their results were published as the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS),[1] known more commonly as the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. Subsequent validation has supported the links between stress and illness.[2]

Stress levels

Score of 300+: At risk of illness.
Score of 150-299+: Risk of illness is moderate (reduced by 30% from the above risk).
Score 150-: Only have a slight risk of illness.

If you have ever taken a Homes and Rhea stress scale; you would know that some rating over 300 is considered very dangerous. Well life has a way of sometimes coming up on you and your stress can hit levels that high--as mine have in the past year.

In the past year I experienced the following:

  • Purchasing my first home
  • Paying my first mortgage
  • Experience turbulent market conditions as coworkers lost their jobs
  • Variation of my job responsibilities (see above item for reason)
  • Watched several industries crash causing a global economic downturn
  • Enjoyed a short vacation (before buying the home)
  • Spent time with family and friends enjoying Christmas (yes even Christmas can be stressful)
  • Change in the health of family members
  • Improved my eating and sleeping habits (which is a good thing!)
    and well the list could go on...but the point is that according to all the experts I was a stress mess waiting for the slightest cold or flu bug to fly in and make me dreadfully ill.

Instead of succumbing to the stress of personal, family and work, Anna treated me for the stress and today, as I am still amazed at everything that happened in the last 6 months--let alone the past year, I am sleeping well and eating healthy.  If it was not for acupuncture I know this would not be the case.  Before Anna started treating me for stress, I would catch every bug (cold or flu) that seemed to creep into the office.  I would spend each winter fighting infection after infection because stress had weakened my immune system.  The opposite is now occurring.  I am healthy!

Thank you for strengthening my immune system and lowering my stress.



Anna has the best herbs to treat bronchitis. I took her herbal prescription and I noticed right away that my coughing is 100% better from 1 month of coughing from bronchitis. I got sick again and took the pills and got better faster than normal the second time. I am a firm believer in her treatments! I have Grave’s Disease and my immunity is at stake here. When I get the common cold/flu, it's 10 times worse for me. My endocrinologist didn't give me much to go on, so I have to treat myself. Thank you, An, for guiding me on how to feel better.

- Aurora Marie Zhivago



With constant travel, hours in front of a computer and the stress of an executive lifestyle my body began to give up trying to compensate for the lack of sleep and attention needed. With your treatment and attention to what my body needed I saw a surge in energy, my immune system rebounded and I am now able to tackle the never ending list in front of me with the confidence that my body will not let me down. I look forward to my next treatment.

- Pete Deutschman, The Buddy Group


As a very busy owner and operator of a commercial printing and graphic design company here in San Diego, Anna has helped me with my stress, sore muscles and immune system. Because of Chinese medicine, I am always on top of my game at work!

It would be my pleasure to talk with anyone about Anna’s skills as a practitioner and her treatments with me over the years. Thanks so much!

- Thomas Ackerman, Spirit Graphics and Printing Inc.


Hello Anna,

Noelle's sore throat was gone after 1 day of using the Astragulas and Sambucol. Kasen is about dried up now, I think. I've been noticing for the last 2 days that it looks like his runny nose is gone. No cough.

Julia still has a runny nose and a little cough, however, all of the secretions are very thin and clear. That leads me to believe that it is drying up.

For myself, the herb that you gave me, Sing Ju X (something like that). I've been taking 2 pills every morning and this time out of the hospital was my quickest intestinal recovery. It usually takes me 6-7 days to have a BM with all the codine and the anesthesia that they give me for the surgery. They gave me morphine too. This time it was only 4 days.

Well, I did just have a major surgery which has healed great. If you have any other suggestions in mind for pills to take for those symptoms I can come get some more herbs from you unless you have other dietary suggestions.

Take care.

- Brittany Doan

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