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Testimonials - constipation

These are two letters from my patient who received her 14th treatment from me since March 21. She comes in 3 times a week. These are the results that we can make with a committed patient who wants to lose weight:

Letter #1 written 4/22

Hi Anna, I don't know what you did to me today, but, boy, do I have energy. I started cleaning out stuff that I have been putting off or too lazy to do. After cleaning up, I felt so much better, like I have the control of my life once again. Like I have restored order to myself. I just feel so motivated and energized.

Also, I have had several bowel movements after getting home which made me feel so much better. I have been feeling so stuffed up lately like it just does not want to come out. Sorry if I'm being too graphic; I just feel so relieved. Thank you so much. Whatever you did, can you keep doing it? Also, thanks for the pep talk. I needed to hear that, so now I'm taking the initiative to do everything that I need and want for myself. ... And I am going to look into counseling again just to help me cope with my situation. ...

Thanks again,
(patient's name held anonymous)

Letter #2 written 4/23

Hi Anna,

I just wanted to give you an update today. I woke up with no problem; no struggle getting up. I had a bowel movement this morning with no problem. I didn't have to sit for a long period of time and try to force it. I went with no pain whatsoever. You don't know how good that feels. For once I look forward going to the bathroom. My energy level is high, which I really need with the baby and all. As for the hip pain - what hip pain. I sure didn't feel it at all this morning. I feel great!! I'm hoping everyday would be like this. I owe it all to you. You work wonders. I don't care how many needles you stick me with. As long as I keep feeling like this, it's all worth it.

Thank you so much.

(We are making progress in all aspects of her health also. There are a LOT of positive health changes taking place with this patient that are not mentioned in this email.)


I first saw Anna on July 12th, 2007 after going to my general practitioner and then a gastro doctor and receiving no answers or relief for my IBS.  I had been experiencing horrible pain and discomfort on a semi-regular basis, which would make me miserable for days at a time every so many months.

I began seeing Anna 2 times a week for about the first 7 or 8 weeks and then tapered off until now I see her once a month.  From the day I had my first treatment I have not had to monitor what I eat or drink and I have not had one episode of IBS since before seeing Anna.  I am so pleased and so happy to be feeling good all the time again.  My family is happy too, as I was not much fun when I was having an episode.   I wish I had tried acupuncture so much sooner, as I had suffered with digestive issues for several years.  It wasn't until I was getting it much worse and more often that I decided to go another way for treatment.  I couldn't be happier with my results and I find my treatments to be so very relaxing and pleasant. Thank you Anna for helping me.

- LeAnn Frazier


Hello Anna,

Noelle's sore throat was gone after 1 day of using the Astragulas and Sambucol. Kasen is about dried up now, I think. I've been noticing for the last 2 days that it looks like his runny nose is gone. No cough.

Julia still has a runny nose and a little cough, however, all of the secretions are very thin and clear. That leads me to believe that it is drying up.

For myself, the herb that you gave me, Sing Ju X (something like that). I've been taking 2 pills every morning and this time out of the hospital was my quickest intestinal recovery. It usually takes me 6-7 days to have a BM with all the codine and the anesthesia that they give me for the surgery. They gave me morphine too. This time it was only 4 days.

Well, I did just have a major surgery which has healed great. If you have any other suggestions in mind for pills to take for those symptoms I can come get some more herbs from you unless you have other dietary suggestions.

Take care.

- Brittany Doan

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