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Testimonials - Community acupuncture

Community Acupuncture at Elements in Harmony
- A Patient's Perspective

I remember walking into Elements in Harmony for the first time thinking I am not sure what exactly I am doing here still. I completed the paperwork, viewed a couple of YouTube videos and read the testimonials on the blog; however, I am still unsure about this whole community room aspect. At the doctor's office, I always saw the doctor in a private room so how do I share a room now? I am an extremely private person and sharing my personal information with a doctor is barely acceptable and now I have to discuss my health issues with other people around?

Walking into the office, I noticed a waiting room and a couple of closed doors. Quickly, a door popped open and Anna, the acupuncturist, introduced herself, said she was speaking with another patient and would I have a seat for a few minutes while she finished speaking to the person in private. A few minutes later, Anna lead me into her office explaining we would speak about my health issues in private. I am not sure if Anna saw the relief on my face that only Anna and I would know about my health issues. Anna discussed my paperwork asking clarifying questions about my health and then said we would head into the treatment room.

We walked into a big room, the other closed door I noticed when I walked into the office. There were a few treatment tables and a couple of chairs scattered around the room along with music playing. Patients were laying down on 2 of the tables and 1 of the chairs as Anna explained I could either lie down on a table, or if I was more comfortable, sit up in a chair.. Once I was settled on the table, Anna started the treatment and I was thinking maybe it is not too late to forget all of this, I am terrified of needles. Anna noticing my expression reassures me that everything will be alright. She asks me a few times how I am feeling as she treats me. I whispered I didn't really feel the needles and she answered most people don't. She asks is there any spot that is sharp or painful? One spot was hurting and Anna adjusted the needle (she told me) and the pain went away. Now comes the hardest part for me; how was I going to not move for an hour, I can't stay still for that long. I was again thinking of calling the whole thing off; take out the needles and forget it! Then my panic question bubbled to the top; how can I tell Anna anything since she won't be in the room with me?

Anna explained if I need anything, to just call her name, there are baby monitors in the room. This raised up questions in my mind, how can I call her name, I would disturb the other people in the room. What if I am hot or cold, what do I do then? What if I need the bathroom? What if I fell asleep and drooled or even worse snored? I am thinking of telling her to take the needles out and forget this whole thing; I can't do this.

At that moment Anna smiled at me and I whispered I can't do this. Anna smiled again and said, don't worry about calling her name, people understand in the community room, that you can call Anna when you need something. I mentioned my snoring could bother other people. Anna said people bring their own ear-buds / iPod players and others ignore snoring. Anna asks if I want an eye pillow, blanket, or a warm pack and was the table temperature comfortable? Anna explained she would check on me periodically but again if I need her to just call her.

Wow I could get use to this pampering; a warm table under me, with an eye pillow to block out the light and a warm pack on top of me along with a blanket; however the whole hour of not moving worried me. Well that was my last thought until Anna wakes me up asking how I feel as a whole hour passed, I took a nap and made it though an acupuncture treatment. When I got up, I noticed the chair was empty and 2 other people were now on the beds. While I was asleep, people probably snored, called Anna name, and came or left the treatment room and I did not notice any of them I think I could get use to community treatments like this one.

My health issues were feeling better, I had a nice nap and best of all nobody seemed to mind sharing a room with me. Think I will try this again soon. :)

.....by a patient


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