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Testimonials - BreEch presentation

My name is Ben and I have been to Anna for 10 sessions. I have been suffering from back pain , shoulder pain , and my leg falls asleep. This is all due to several accidents car, motor cycle , and skiing needless to say I have not taken very good care of my self, but after Anna helped turn my sisters baby I thought i would give her a try. Since I have been going for treatment I have no pain in my shoulder, back pain has been decreased by 90%, my leg Leg problem has also decresed by 75%. In addition I was smoking a pack a day or more now im down to 2 a day ..............Thanks Anna


Hi Anna,

Baby Owen was breach at 37 week. My doctors were talking about cephalic external version and c-section. About 6 hours after one session with you, he flipped to head down!  Thank you so much, Anna!

See you soon.


(This is my fifth successful case in turning a baby in breech presentation head down.)


This is a note from my patient who received one acupuncture treatment for her baby's breech presentation. She has also been under the care of a chiropractor. As a side note, all but two of my patients whose babies have presented as breech were able to be treated by me and have their babies turn head down. This makes THREE babies turn to normal position with ONE treatment. All of my other patients whose babies were breech (with one or more treatments) were not treated by chiropractic simultaneously. In this SECOND treatment, I recommended that we don’t treat her baby as breech since she already felt a difference in pressure in her lower abdomen. It is important that after the baby turns that breech treatments do not continue. Instead during the second treatment, we simply treated her to keep a healthy pregnancy – not to continue turning the baby.

“So, I was able to catch my OB right before she was about to leave to a birth, and got an ultrasound, and baby was head down! Not engaged in my pelvis, but down. Hopefully he stays that way. I am so glad we decided to go with my instinct today, and go with the healthy pregnancy acupuncture.”

- K.C.

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