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Testimonials - arthritis

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend the services of Anna Dolopo for acupuncture & massages. Ever since I have used Anna to help with my chronic lower back problems and arthritis in my fingers have helped tremendously. Every time my back hurts, body aches and arthritis in fingers, she would heal me in a natural way without having to take prescriptions as often. If it were not for Anna, I would have constant back pain and arthritis in my fingers.

She is a Godsend! I told Anna that I must have her for life. No medications can top it. Every time I am in agony, she found a way to take me in immediately knowing that she will relieve my pain. When I was a child, I had acupuncture for my hearing loss by a doctor and it didn’t help but I am used to what acupuncture is about. It is a natural way of curing & hope. I highly recommend her services.


- Cindi Krisle

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