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As a Balance Method practitioner, especially in the treatment of physical pain, Anna observes a 90% success rate in her practice where patients will GRADUATE from their pain when they fully commit to the necessary treatments. Anna is also fortunate enough to witness Balance Method treat internal diseases successfully. Patients' amazement to the effectiveness of Balance Method never ceases in Anna's practice. Elements in Harmony provides:

  • Balance Method Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Qi Gong Classes
  • NADA protocol (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association)
    - Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction
    - This treatment is also very effective for eating addictions


At Elements in Harmony Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, we pride ourselves in providing the most effective and relaxing acupuncture in ALL of Orange County. It is also our intention to provide the most AFFORDABLE rates in the entire country.

  • Please call us to inquire about our rates.  Thank you!

We are results-oriented and we hope that you agree with our intentions once you begin your treatments. We honor your decision when it comes to choosing a qualified acupuncturist. The rapport is the most important part of the healing process. Whoever you choose as your practitioner of Chinese medicine should be a LICENSED ACUPUNCTURIST and someone that you can truly grow to trust; after all, nothing is more precious than your health. When deciding, make sure you really like this person and can afford to commit 2-5 treatments a week for the first 2-8 weeks. During that initial time period, you’ll find the most impact happen on your health. Be particular in your decision making and hold back no questions when interviewing your acupuncturist. The time you research now will prove to be the most worthwhile in the long run.

At Elements in Harmony, we understand that everyone lives on different budgets. If it is not in your lifestyle to afford 2-5 treatments for the first 2-8 weeks, then please consider these recommendations when investing into acupuncture:

1x week/20 weeks

2x week/10 weeks

3x week/5 weeks

This is our experience with ANY acupuncturist. In our practice, we typically see outstanding results within the first 10-20 treatments. Oftentimes with Balance Method, a person will receive 50-100% improvement from the very first treatment. However, we make it very clear that helping a person with their health concerns usually takes more than one treatment. It is important to understand that receiving acupuncture without any clear direction does not guarantee a path to complete healing. Consistency and frequency are the keys to success. If you decide to receive acupuncture without a clear schedule, then please be very patient with your healing. Even patients who come in consistently have to be patient to finally GRADUATE from their health concerns. Healing is a process and it can oftentimes be quite a challenge. Be honest with yourself and realize if what you are suffering from is a chronic condition, it may take some diligence from both you and the practitioner when attempting to achieve the quality of health you truly desire. Just like mastering a new skill, healing cannot take a break. You and the practitioner must practice, practice, practice. Eventually, you will transform, having shed old skin and enjoy the new body, mind and spirit that have been yearning to express deep down in your heart. All you have to do is visualize your desires, put forth the effort and surrender to your own healing powers. The answers are all in you. All we do is help you unleash those powers.

Our goal is to help you GRADUATE from your health concerns, live well and enjoy your life. If you do not eventually graduate from those health concerns, we can only guarantee that you will have more peace of mind, a spirit that lives more freely and a body with less tension than you had come in with. The most that we hope for you is the ability to harness your own healing powers and use those powers anywhere and at any time. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage are merely steps toward your own self-discovery.