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Mission Statement

Providing EXCELLENCE in the field of Chinese Medicine.
Effective, Relaxing, Affordable

Elements in Harmony is where the general public can try acupuncture for the first time and see positive and long-term results. It is our mission to help educate every patient about why Chinese medicine is extremely beneficial for preventive healthcare, as well as the treatment of a patient’s minor to chief complaints. It is important for us to demystify this ancient art and help laypeople understand the simplicity of how acupuncture meridians work and the reason for Chinese herbal efficacies. It is paramount for our patients to have a thorough understanding of why their overall health improves significantly with their acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal prescriptions because our patients are essentially the best method of advertisement.

For the veteran acupuncture patient, we welcome any inquiries as to what makes our clinic special among the many acupuncture clinics in this country. Here at Elements in Harmony, we work to raise the bar in the field of Chinese medicine. The body, mind and spirit are not meant to be stagnant and neither is the practice of Chinese medicine. We are consistently strengthening our education by learning from the best doctors in the world. As a dedicated student of Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method, we are excited to share the beauty of this style of acupuncture with anyone curious enough to try something different. We have been fortunate enough to have many patients from all walks of life stay loyal since the late-90s. Our definition of a successful Chinese medical practice is creating a center where everyone’s spirit feels liberated, the mind nurtured and the body calm. When one feels whole and connected, there is no room for stagnation; hence, there is no space for spiritual, mental or physical pain. We are here to share our enlightened path with anyone who is ready to commit one’s health to the transcendence of healthcare. As each patient heals, we learn. The more we learn, the stronger our practice becomes.

Classical Chinese medicine is art and medicine. This form of therapy is helpful for almost any condition that a patient can present. Our mission is to help the public realize that there is help in conjunction to allopathic medicine or as a pure medical modality on its own. We respect our patients’ healthcare decisions and we know that everyone has a choice when it comes to deciding how they want to achieve their goals. At Elements in Harmony, we hope that you would allow us to be part of those vital goals.