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Anna N. Dolopo, L.Ac.At Elements in Harmony, Chinese medicine is practiced with the philosophy that the spirit leads the mind and the mind leads the body. Helping patients to be in a pure state of relaxation during the treatments is the key to allowing the body to heal. Only when the spirit, mind and body are totally connected will the person's health reach an optimum state of being.

Anna N. Dolopo, L.Ac., has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1999. Her practice began in San Diego, which included working and volunteering with the homeless community in Pacific Beach, the HIV/AIDS community, and Samahan Community Medical Clinics in National City and Mira Mesa. From 2003-2006, Anna worked at the Alternative Health Center in Irvine. From 2006-2008 Anna worked with Dr. Michael Whelan in Laguna Hills.

Anna became a devout student to the late Grandmaster Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan from March 22, 2006 until his passing in November 2015. During her training with her beloved master, Anna became a Dr. Tan Gold Level Certified Balance Method Acupuncturist (April 2012), and also one of Dr. Tanís Ba-Zi graduates (2015).

Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs accepts patients of all ages and of all health conditions.

Since the beginning of Anna's practice, she has been very successful in the treatment of menstrual and digestive issues. Anna's general practice has also been effective in the treatment of serious diseases such as post-stroke, congenital heart disease, weight loss, hypertension, allergies and depression. Many pregnant women also seek her treatments to induce labor naturally if the woman's labor is threatened by an impending induction by the obstetrician with Pitocin. The focus of her practice now is helping patients graduate from the causes of their physical pain, such as migraines, carpal tunnel, neck pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica and pre/post-operative conditions.

As a Balance Method practitioner, especially in the treatment of physical pain, Anna observes a 90% success rate where patients will GRADUATE from their pain when they fully commit to the necessary treatments. Anna is also fortunate enough to witness Balance Method treat internal diseases successfully. Patients' amazement to the effectiveness of Balance Method never ceases in her practice.

Anna is a proud graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in the San Diego campus. Her education, training on and off campus and the multitude of resources open to her during school and after graduation have given her the confidence to help every patient live a vital, centered and painless lifestyle.

Anna has a wonderful husband, three amazing children, and two Staffordshire Bullterriers, one who is a retired Certified Therapy Dog who used to work in her office. Annaís family strongly supports her ambitions to heal and unite the world with the POWERS of Chinese medicine. Anna has several hobbies, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (since 2012), yoga and playing the violin.

Annaís work can be found on moveyourQi.com and ElementsinHarmony.net.

She is also very happy to be a speaker for The Academy of Acupuncture with her mentor, friend, and closest student of their late Grandmaster Dr. Tan, Dr. Eileen Han, among several of their other colleagues.